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The Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec (OPQ) wishes to develop a secure portal to allow a pharmacist selected for an evaluation to conduct a self-inspection, and those responsible for the professional inspection committee to review the file. The OPQ also wants to optimize the following inspections:

  • Individual inspections of institutional and community pharmacists
  • Relating to the medication circuit
  • Focusing on pharmaceutical care and services.
  • Service

    Custom software
  • Industry

  • Technology

    Web, iOS and Android


Logient designs for the OPQ :

  • A mobile application to support the evaluation of pharmacists, which can be used without an Internet connection for ease of use.
  • A self-inspection site that can manage the pharmacist’s evaluation forms.
  • An administration site for the inspection committee to review the self-inspection forms completed by pharmacists.

The Cameleon content management system (CRM), designed by Logient, is implemented; it allows publishing, editing and modifying the content of the two developed sites.


The tools designed for the OPQ speed up the evaluation process and facilitate on-site inspections. Pharmacists perform their self-inspection directly on their shelf by filling out the required fields, obtain a preliminary report as soon as they are finished and submit their report. All that is missing is the inspector’s comments and the evaluation is complete.

The OPQ’s inspection system positions the organization as a professional order with a preventive rather than reactive inspection process, an advantage in terms of risk management. The public is thus entitled to better quality services in a safer environment.

About l’OPQ

The Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec ensures the protection of the public by encouraging quality pharmaceutical practices and promoting the appropriate use of medications in society.

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