Software Maintenance 

Maximize the performance and reliability of your digital tools.

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As times evolve, our applications and software must adapt to remain modern and efficient, staying in sync with the ever-changing technological landscape. Just like a car or a house, regular maintenance is essential to maximize your investment and ensure long-term viability.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance addresses errors and bugs in the software to ensure stability and reliability. This includes resolving malfunctions that impact application performance, thereby enhancing its functionality and user experience.

  • Audit and analysis of error reports
  • Identification and diagnosis of bugs
  • Development of patches
  • Testing and validation of corrective solutions
  • Adaptive maintenance

Adaptative Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance involves updating software to maintain compatibility with evolving technologies and changing user needs. This may entail adjustments to adapt to new environments or fulfill new functional requirements, ensuring the software remains effective and relevant over time.

  • Implementation of real time monitoring systems
  • Proactive analysis of trends and performance
  • Configuration of firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Backup and testing

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance aims to anticipate potential problems by actively monitoring the system and implementing security measures to prevent breakdowns or computer attacks. It also includes monitoring and performance management activities to keep the application running smoothly.

  • Monitoring new software releases
  • Assessing the impact of updates on the existing system
  • Planning and coordination of upgrade deployments
  • Strict security and access control policies


Evolutionary maintenance focuses on continuously developing software to introduce new features or improve existing ones in accordance with user requirements. This process may involve obtaining estimates and approvals from customers to implement desired enhancements and evolutions effectively. 

  • Gathering user needs and requirements
  • Design and development of new functionalities
  • Integration of add-on modules or third-party solutions
  • Validation of proposed evolutions