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Staff Augmentation

Your reality requires the agility of your internal teams, able to adapt to new situations, whether in number or for different resource expertise. Like organizations today, yours is in perpetual fluctuation. How do you manage to keep up with the imposed pace and ensure you maintain your competitiveness? Thanks to our professional IT resource outsourcing service! 

Overcome Many Challenges Thanks to Logient’s Staff Augmentation

You Are Experiencing a Lack of Resources to Carry Out Your Projects.

  • Candidates with a profile difficult to find 
  • Complex technologies 
  • Skill level not meeting requirements 

You Want the Increased Risk Management Offered by IT Outsourcing.

  • High turnover rate 
  • Sustainability of services 
  • Knowledge management and retention 


You Want to Minimize the Financial Pressure Caused by Your Needs.

  • Recruitment costs 
  • Sustainability of services 
  • Integration costs 
  • Training costs 

Why Deal With Logient’s IT Outsourcing Service?

Logient offers flexible solutions that adapt to fluctuations in your needs and deadlines. This approach is based on the creation of a real partnership between you and Logient through which the risks related to staffing, resource management and cost management are shared. 

  • Implementation of development teams 
  • Establishment of methodologies and best practices 
  • Adding capacity to existing resources 
  • Skills development and continuous improvement 

You’ll find with us all the expertise required to carry out your projects, because we have mastered the entire software lifecycle, a crucial part of our DNA for over twenty years! 

Logient’s Recruiting Force, Your Best Ally

  • Our developers help recruit other software and solution designers. The questions they ask are essential to test the technical knowledge of candidates. In addition to these exchanges between tradespeople, there are extensive tests that serve to assess technical skills, of course, but also to define the depth of expertise of each candidate. 
  • We advise our clients in choosing the teams required to carry out a project. We like to build the team on paper and then bring it to life with quality candidates. 
  • We are innovative and creative. After determining the needs and choosing the solutions, we validate the delivery model preferences: whatever your questions, we have the answers. Or we create them! 


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