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Is looking for a technology partner to develop the DRMS software application that allows Hilo to remotely manage technological equipment (controlled loads) and send commands to these IoT equipment.

This system will improve electricity consumption on Quebec’s current power grid by reducing supply needs during the winter season through peak shaving and during recovery after blackouts.

  • Service

    Custom software
  • Industry

  • Technology

    .Net, Java, Power BI


Logient offers the services of its .NET team and Azure DevOps supported by the Embedded team to deliver the DRMS management console to Hilo. As a central element of the HQ-Connect solution, Hilo wants to enable participating customers to automate and control their district heating during these periods and thus receive financial rewards/remuneration for accepting peak events.


The console will allow Hilo to :

  • Synchronize IoT devices via CRM and the mobile application back-end
  • Set up templates to standardize events
  • Plan events across time
  • Execute a series of predetermined actions according to a pre-set schedule
  • Monitor the real-time progress of events and IoT equipment
  • Create several reports and dashboards to support operations.

About d’Hilo

Founded in 2019, Hilo is a brand new subsidiary of Hydro-Québec that develops intelligent energy solutions for your home and business. It will offer products and services to guide you towards responsible energy consumption with technology at your fingertips.

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