User Experience UX and UI

Ensure a pleasant, consistent digital experience with optimized interfaces and navigation across all your tools.

Our Services

Whether it’s a website, portal, CRM or internal platform, the performance and value of your digital tools depend on users’ ability to navigate and use them intuitively.

So, whatever the type of tool or where its users come from, our user experience team combines research and design best practices to create effective user journeys, experiences and interfaces that ensure accessible and engaging tools, making the link between your business objectives and your users’ needs.

User Experience (UX)

The main mission of our user experience experts is to create digital solutions adapted to your business context, and to your users. Our job is first and foremost to explore and understand the needs and expectations of all users, whether internal or external. The ultimate goal is to design a product that will guarantee your success and that of your users.

  • Ergonomic and accessibility audits
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Interviews and surveys
  • Tree structure and information architecture
  • User requirements and paths
  • Structural mock-ups (Wireframes)
  • User tests

Interface Design (UI)

Our specialized interface design team aims to create visual and interactive experiences that make functionality easy to understand and use, while maintaining an aesthetic consistent with your brand. Working with UX designers and developers, this team brings your digital product to life, transforming abstract concepts into a concrete, engaging visual experience. 

  • Interface audit (UI) 
  • Digital adaptation of brand image 
  • Art direction 
  • Graphic mock-ups 
  • Interactive prototypes

Our Design Approach and Founding Principles

These fundamentals guide every step of our process and drive our approach to ensure the creation of solutions that are aligned with your business objectives and meet the needs of users, whatever your context or industry.
  • User-centered Design

Our design approach puts end-users at the heart of the creative process. From needs analysis, through design, to user testing, our iterative approach enables us to shape solutions that truly meet your users’ expectations and requirements.

  • Universal Accessibility

Universal accessibility is at the heart of our practices, and is taken into account right from the interface design stage. Our team is trained to meet all three levels of WCAG requirements. Every product we design combines meticulous aesthetics and maximum accessibility to ensure an inclusive experience.

  • Multi-platform Design

Whether on computers, smartphones, tablets or any other connected device, our team is committed to creating fluid, optimized experiences tailored to the platforms your users prefer. With knowledge of every platform, we develop solutions that adapt naturally to diverse digital environments.

  • Atomic Design

To avoid restricting ourselves to designing templates or individual pages, our team applies the principles of atomic design. The creation of components integrated into a coherent design system ensures modularity and visual and functional consistency throughout the entire solution.