Creating Tech Efficiency

Find out what makes a good technology strategy and implementation through the expertise Logient has to offer.


Strategy & Consulting

Guidance to help you face your complex business issues with the best possible tools and solutions. Because, as the adage goes, it's often in the chaos that the greatest opportunities arise.

IT Solutions

Digital Solutions

Developing customer experiences, powerful interfaces and digital campaigns that deliver results and meet the needs of your users.

Technological Solutions

Logient helps develop your technology solutions according to industry best practices, regardless of the technology architecture or software required to meet your business needs.

Data & Analytics

Understand and exploit your data to its full potential to optimize your productivity and support your business strategies.

Business Applications

Products with a level of customization adapted to the specific needs of each customer, regardless of their size or industry.

Managed Services


Logient supports all infrastructure management, development and operationalization services with the aim of simplifying the interactions between the components and ensuring better quality, security and evolution.

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