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Advice to guide you towards the solution and delivery approach that best aligns with your business strategy, establishing a lasting foundation for your projects.



Adapted, custom, robust, intelligent and creative digital and technological solutions that perfectly meet your business needs and corporate objectives.


Managed Services

Profitability of your investment through enhancement, updating, fine-tuning, efficient maintenance as well as technological evolution.


Creative, technical and strategic talents from development to operations; everything you need under one roof to be supported in your customized technological and digital projects.

  • Technology Architecture
  • Code Audit
  • Design Thinking
  • DevOps
  • PMO Experience

Technology Architecture

Logient helps you make strategic decisions in order to offer innovation, integration and solutions to your technological architecture choices.

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services audit de code

Code Audit

Maximize your technology assets with a code audit of your tools and applications performed by Logient, ensuring integrity and compliance with industry standards.

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Design Thinking

Relevant, impactful and agile workshops and strategic guidance for to start your projects off on the right foot; this is Logient’s design thinking offer!

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From development to operations, Logient automates, orchestrates and optimizes your projects through the configuration and self-managed services of the DevOps suite.

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PMO Experience, the Logient Project Office

Project managers, product managers or PCOs, the Logient project office provides you with a pool of expertise to ensure the governance and success of your projects.

Digital Solutions

Logient helps develop your innovative digital solutions according to industry best practices, regardless of the type of platform, portal, content manager or application required by your business needs.

  • UX, UI and CX
  • Web Sites and Portals
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Application Development

UX, UI and CX

Reflect the breadth of your ambitions with Logient’s experience and interface design experts, demonstrating a client-centric approach.

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Web Sites and Portals

Logient provides you with dynamic support in the creation and continuous optimization of your platforms, portals and websites.

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Content Management (CMS)

Structure your Web content: simplify and maximize the selection, development and implementation of your CMS with certified Logient experts who prioritize your performance.

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With more than 20 years of IT experience, Logient supports you at every stage of your customized e-commerce platform development, or with Kentico, Sitecore, Magento or Orkestra, as well as in the integration and implementation of your transactional site.

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Mobile Application Development

Logient develops iOS, Android or Windows tailor-made mobile applications in Montreal according to your needs, without limits (Webapps and native, hybrid, multiplatform [cross-platform] or progressive applications).

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Technological Solutions

Productivity, performance and innovation at the service of your technological solutions: the response to your needs and processes through custom creation, development and integration.

  • Custom Software
  • Solutions Integration
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Embedded Systems

Custom Software

Customized development of innovative applications and software: the best in the industry to serve your digital and technological needs and business processes.

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Solutions Integration

Efficient Ecosystems Thanks to the Integration of Powerful Solutions and A 360-Degree View of the Data.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Take advantage of connected object solutions for businesses optimized by Logient experts who support you at every stage of your projects.

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Embedded Systems

Innovate and gain control and intelligence with our embedded systems development and design services provided by industry experts.

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Data Management & Analytics

Understand and leverage your data to its full potential to optimize your productivity and support your business strategy.

  • Business Intelligence and Reports
  • Data Analysis
  • Architecture and Data Modeling
  • Business Strategy, Governance and Compliance

Business Intelligence and Reports

Enhance the quality and reliability of your data and exploit them to their full potential for optimal decision-making and to support your business strategies.

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Data Analysis

Let our experts perform a full audit of your data to ensure that your current and future technology solutions meet your needs and follow best practices.

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Architecture and Data Modeling

Structure your solutions so that they are robust, flexible, efficient and able to meet your current and future needs.

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Business Strategy, Governance and Compliance

Organize your business and governance strategies. Increase the value of your data and control its use. Share this knowledge within your business.

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Digital and Technological Health Solutions

In all healthcare fields, Logient develops high-performance digital and technological solutions. 

Managed Services

Logient supports all infrastructure management, development and operationalization services in order to simplify interactions between components and ensure better quality, safety and development.

  • Software Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Cloud Management
  • CloudOps
  • Migration Cloud

Software Maintenance and Technical Support

Logient’s software application maintenance and IT technical support plans ensure the optimal functioning and especially the sustainability of the solutions put in place, allowing them to evolve and become ever more efficient.

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Cloud Management

Let Logient take care of the maintenance of your cloud-resident applications and the management of your cloud infrastructure performance.

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Thanks to cloud automation (CloudOps), Logient facilitates the optimization of your operations and the performance of your development teams.

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Migration Cloud

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