Flexible Project Delivery That is Responsive to Your Business Needs

Delivery Approach

Logient has the experts and approach to enhance your development projects and meet all your IT needs, from consulting to outsourcing to hybrid support.
Development Center
Take advantage of Logient's speed and industry-leading expertise to support your development projects.
Staff Augmentation
Keep pace with your IT needs thanks to Logient’s experts; IT outsourcing at all stages of the software lifecycle.
Hybrid Model
Synergy, speed of execution and tailor-made solutions: the Logient hybrid delivery model is key for your IT project!


With proven methodological frameworks, Logient maximizes your investments and ensures flexibility in the delivery of your IT projects.
Governance Model
A harmonized management framework and structure at the front end allows Logient to strengthen the quality of the partnership it offers to its clients
Information Systems Design Approach
A proven information systems (IS) design methodology derived from over 20 years of experience in the IT field
Structured Agility
Rigorous and flexible project management is the structured agility offered at Logient
With the self-managed configuration and services of the DevOps suite, Logient automates, orchestrates and optimizes your projects from development to operations

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