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Governance Model

Before starting any IT project, establishing an upstream governance structure is very useful later in the project. At Logient, we believe in the importance of a proven model as well as a tailored approach that remains flexible to meet our clients business objectives. 

The Logient Governance Model

The contact person for each role is determined for outsourced projects. On the client side, the strategic and operational roles as well as the elements of procurement, security, infrastructure and architecture are established, as well as the product and delivery managers and the experts/users involved. 

On the IT partner side, at Logient, our governance framework or model ensures the assignment of the roles of account manager, project manager, practice director and the experts on his or her team. Thus, expectations are clear and redundancies are eliminated to ensure the sound and efficient management of deliverables. 

The Advantages of a Well-established Governance Model


Thanks to this rigorous management structure implemented in collaboration with Logient, not only is everyones role in the project clearly defined from the start, but a list of all deliverables is created. This makes it possible to regularly rule on the progress and health of the project and to ensure that you have an effective system in place to communicate in real time, thus avoiding potential issues and risks. 

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