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Governance Model

Your Business Objectives & the Success of Your Initiatives are our Priorities

A Proven & Flexible Approach

Before starting any IT project, establishing an upstream governance structure is very useful later in the project. At Logient, we believe in the importance of a proven model as well as a tailored approach that remains flexible to meet our clients’ business objectives.

The Advantages of a Well-Established Governance Model

Thanks to the rigorous management structure implemented in collaboration with Logient, not only is everyone’s role in the project clearly defined from the start, but a list of all deliverables is created. This allows for regular updates on the progress and health of the project and ensures a recurring and transparent basis for communication. Issues, gains and potential risks will be communicated openly and in real time.

A Representative of Your Needs Within the Project, at all Times

We understand that every project is unique. Our experienced Project Management Office (PMO) team offers you its expertise in managing projects based on varied, precise and evolving needs.

We can coach you, accompany you, optimize or take over your project, program or portfolio management and governance. Our rich experience allows us to understand, interpret and popularize your business needs and transmit them to your technical teams and decision makers.

Our years of experience in a variety of projects, technologies and industries ensure a good control of the project velocity, deadline and quality. These elements contribute to the success of your product by limiting unforeseen risks.

It is also possible to use one of our product managers or owners, business analysts or quality assurance analysts to train and advise your internal resources on industry best practices, to empower you as a project manager or to optimize your project office methodologies. We can therefore join your team as support resources or as mentors.

Our Services 

  • Training, consulting services and coaching
  • Implementation of a governance structure and recommendations based on industry best practices
  • Project audits (management, project progress, recovery, getting back on track)
  • Assistance in the day-to-day management of projects
  • Implementation of a project office and development and adaptation of models
  • Outsourcing of project management, regardless of size
  • Supporting professional services of Project Manager as a Service, PCO as a Service and Product Owner as a Service

The Benefits of our Project Management Office (PMO)

  • Assurance of a quality solution that will meet your needs and greatly facilitate the development of the project and the final satisfaction of all stakeholders
  • Good communication with the development team and good schedule management, minimizing the risk of project deviation
  • Cost-effective initial investment throughout the project


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