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TD Bank Group

Maintenance of the TD Assurance e-commerce platform

TD Assurance handles the content from more than 500 sites before interacting and exchanging between them. The company is looking to increase performance, as well as the security of its infrastructure, and is looking for a provider capable of ensuring the maintenance of its e-commerce platform. They are looking to reduce the time it takes to respond to clients, as well as the time spent for problem resolution to thus increase client satisfaction.


Financial and Insurance


As TD Assurance does not hold the necessary expertise, and is without the time necessary to maintenance its e-commerce platform, they called upon Logient to take charge of the necessary work to ensure the security, efficacy, and performance of their infrastructure.


A personalized, multisite content manager allows for the handling of all transactional sites. The implementation of a system with a constant data replication functionality increases security and efficiency of the platform. Lastly, being able to fall back on a live memory system guarantees the performance of the solution.

Logient is now continuously handling the TD Assurance content, and this, for the last 14 years.

About TD Assurance

TD Assurance is a member of the TD Bank Group, once of the largest financial services companies in Canada. They are present in two sectors: general insurance, and health/life insurance.

TD is the largest home and auto insurer by direct marketing, and one of the three main home and auto insurers. Leader in critical illness insurance, TD Assurance is a pioneer in affinity marketing, and works with other groups to make insurance available on the market for their members.

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