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Development Centre

Sometimes companies, especially large ones, find themselves constrained in their speed by multiple processes and layers of bureaucracy. For others, software development is just not the core business. You don’t have the required expertise, want to regain speed of execution and set up an innovative project more quickly? One of the most efficient ways to do this is to outsource your mandate to a highly qualified development centre like Logients. 

Who Are the Services of Our Development Centre For?

  • You don’t work in software development, so it’s not your job?
  • Don’t have the in-house technical skills?
  • Are your IT or development departments saturated?
  • Don’t have sufficient resources to meet current demand?
  • Your development teams are not suited to deliver agile projects?

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Your Development Centre to Logient?

In certain contexts, your company could benefit from outsourcing more than a single project to Logient and would benefit from entrusting it with all of its development needs. Here are the advantages: 

  • A speed of execution that can accommodate fluctuations on demand, at any time 
  • Teams accustomed to working together, allowing to increase the start-up speed in terms of the alignment and kick-off time of resources 
  • The possibility of hosting all types of projects, technologies, platforms as well as a wide range of cross-platform, tailor-made services under the same roof 
  • Access to in-depth expertise at all times rather than resorting to ad hoc recruitment 


The Logient Team: Dedicated to Serving Your Development Project

Our experienced project management and development team will simplify your project, from ideation to delivery of your initiative. Each of the stakeholders will have a specific role to successfully complete your project in our internal development centre: 

  • The technology director designs the architecture of your solution and makes sure it meets your business needs. 
  • The project manager is the custodian of your project scope, budget and schedule. 
  • The product owner (PO) maximizes the return on investment of your product. 
  • The technical team leader leads the development team and ensures that the solution meets a highly technical standard. 
  • The development team, made up of seniors and juniors, develops the project in structured agility. 
  • The QA developer reviews the quality of the code and the entire solution. 
  • The design thinking/UX/UI team ensures an optimal user experience. 

Thanks to the governance model, the Logient team will be in constant communication with you during the project to guarantee delivery according to the planned objectives, budgets and resources! 



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