Data Governance

Organize and maintain an effective information ecosystem.

Our Services and Use Cases

The multiplication of operational management systems raises challenges in terms of access management, confidentiality and trust in decision-making information.

Logient makes it easy to control your information assets with tools for data governance, protection and management, regardless of location.

Faced with the complexity of securing and synchronizing dispersed data, we employ governance tools to accurately map information sources, clarifying data origin and authorized access. This approach improves access management, systems integration and strengthens business intelligence, which is essential for your company’s strategic development.

  • Data Catalog

Creation of a centralized catalog to enhance data accessibility and understanding. Also facilitates tracking data origin and usage, supporting compliance and transparency within the organization.

  • Data Traceability and Security

Ensures meticulous tracking of data origin and usage, crucial for compliance and transparency. Implements advanced security strategies to protect data against various threats.

  • Access and Confidentiality Management

Manages access permissions to safeguard sensitive data confidentiality and security. Develops tailored privacy policies to meet high data protection standards.

Our Solutions