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Hybrid Model

When IT Outsourcing, Externalization, Recruitment & Staff Augmentation Perform Together

Hybrid Model

Is IT outsourcing and staff augmentation not quite applicable to your business? Do you want a way out of your cumbersome processes and demonstrate more speed of execution in your projects? Logient stands out in the market thanks to its hybrid project delivery model, halfway between project internalization, IT resource outsourcing and professional services recruitment.

A Flexible & Adapted Combination

This solution combines all the traditional methods and their advantages. We are therefore talking about a personalized solution, built to measure according to the needs of each project and each company. As this way of delivering a project is completely flexible, there is no set formula.
Thus, we could imagine a mandate bringing together a product owner and internal analysts at the client’s premises, developers and DevOps at the partner’s office. Part of the team is located in the client’s office, the other at the partner’s site. And why not add specific specialist developers temporarily for certain sprints?

Opt for our Hybrid Method

Thanks to our specially dedicated recruiting team, we can support you in recruiting resources for your teams, internally or externally, according to the hybrid model that combines the two to operationalize and deliver your project even faster without sacrificing quality.

This unique combination, specific to each project, is beneficial for many reasons. You keep the desired level of involvement, as there is often a better synergy between people and more efficiency. We no longer put employees on tasks they are less familiar with; each seat is occupied by a specialist. We take advantage of each other’s expertise precisely where it makes a difference. Thus, we eliminate possible mistrust and barriers between internal and external resources by creating a single united and dedicated team!

Innovation Support

Logient upholds your business in its evolution by supporting the realization of your digital and technological initiatives with the delivery model best suited to your business requirements. This can be done by setting up development teams, implementing methodologies and best practices or upgrading and developing skills. This way, your business can focus its efforts on innovation.

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