Development and Implementation  

Ensure personalized, sustainable technology choices aligned with your strategic objectives.

The constant emergence of new technological tools on the software and applications market is revolutionizing the development, delivery and maintenance of solutions.

Simplifying and accelerating these processes exponentially, this multiplication of tools and methods underscores the importance of integrating technologies thoroughly, ensuring they serve as a means to an end, rather than becoming an end in themselves.

This fosters the adoption of hybrid practices that reconcile methods previously considered incompatible, capitalizing on the advantages of each to offer greater flexibility and facilitate synergy between different technologies and approaches.

Consequently, the age-old dilemma of choosing between custom development and off-the-shelf business solutions has become obsolete.

Organizations now leverage mixed strategies, stimulating innovation, enhancing operational performance, and supporting long-term strategic ambitions, all while optimizing cost efficiency and resource utilization.

Our Services

Depending on your starting point, we’ll guide you in determining the optimum direction to take, considering both the “what” – maintaining, optimizing or redesigning your current systems – and the “how” – finding the best combination of custom development and off-the-shelf business solutions.

Because Logient consolidates necessary expertise throughout the software lifecycle, we’re equipped to assist you in designing, implementing, integrating, and maintaining your solutions, through any delivery method.

Strategy and Planning

Together, we’ll determine the best approach to optimizing the efficiency and design of your business solutions.

  • Analysis of current situation
  • Code audit
  • Technology architecture
  • Recommendations and roadmap

Solution Delivery

The hybrid approach generally integrates both methods, simply in a different order and to different degrees depending on requirements. In this way, our solutions combine elements designed specifically to meet unique needs (custom development) with pre-existing platforms configured to fit (off the self solutions)

This synergy results in a coherent ecosystem, where each component and process is finely integrated, ensuring fluid operability and optimized performance within the organization. This approach not only ensures a high degree of adaptability to current needs, but also a capacity to evolve in the face of future challenges, laying a solid foundation for innovation and growth.

Custom Development

Custom development grants us the freedom to craft end-to-end solutions from scratch, or to customize specific components to meet the unique needs of each project.

This adaptability allows us to address complex challenges with precision, delivering solutions perfectly tailored to project specifications.

Off-the-Shelf Business Solutions

For every project, we assess the value of implementing best-of-breed solutions and seamlessly integrating them into the overarching architecture. Then, we identify the customizations required to align with your specific needs, reinforcing the coherence and efficiency of the overall solution and ensuring a seamless fusion between the components.

By adopting this approach, we facilitate faster deployment, bolster system reliability and maximize cost efficiency, resulting in optimum synergy and performance of the entire technology ecosystem.