Microsoft Power Platform

Speed Up Innovation
Through Low-Code
No-Code Development

Unlock your business potential with Power Platform — a dynamic suite leveraging low-code and no-code solutions. Seamlessly integrate applications, streamline processes, and centralize data for informed decision-making. Embrace a new era of business efficiency and innovation driven by agility and adaptability.

Powerful Alone. Better Together.

  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Power Pages
  • Power Virtual Agents
Create tailored applications swiftly with Power Apps, an intuitive solution that empowers both developers and non-developers to contribute effortlessly to app development.
Innovate Business Processes
Optimize your business processes with a versatile platform, offering the ability to innovate and customize applications without extensive coding. This empowers organizations to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and adapt quickly to evolving business needs.
Amplify User Engagement
Boost user engagement by creating intuitive and user-friendly applications. The platform enables the development of apps that align seamlessly with user preferences, fostering higher adoption rates and enhancing overall user satisfaction.
Accelerate App Development
Fast-track app development with a low-code/no-code approach. This feature allows organizations to rapidly create applications, reducing development time and costs. Empower both professional developers and non-developers to contribute to the application development process seamlessly.
Foster Collaboration Across Teams
Facilitate collaboration across teams by building custom applications that cater to specific departmental needs. This breaks down silos, enabling different teams to create and share applications, fostering a collaborative environment that aligns with organizational goals.
Scale Application Deployment
Designed for scalability, support the deployment of applications across various business scenarios. Whether addressing specific departmental needs or scaling for enterprise-wide adoption, ensure flexibility and adaptability to support the organization's growth and evolving requirements.

Total Economic Impact™ of Power Apps

Forrester Research 2020

Streamline workflows by automating tasks seamlessly with Power Automate. Enhance productivity, free up time for strategic initiatives, and ensure smooth, efficient operational processes.
Automate Tedious Tasks
Effortlessly streamline workflows by automating tedious and repetitive tasks, improving efficiency, and allowing teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
Enhance Cross-Platform Integration
Seamlessly integrate diverse applications, fostering a cohesive digital ecosystem and ensuring smooth communication across multiple platforms.
Receive Real-time Notifications
Stay informed with instant notifications and alerts, enabling timely responses to critical events and enhancing overall communication within the organization.
Accelerate Task Execution
Reduce manual efforts and expedite task execution with an intuitive solution, allowing for swift and efficient completion of various processes and activities.
Foster Team Collaboration
Promote collaboration by automating processes that require input from multiple team members, ensuring smooth coordination and reducing delays in decision-making.

Total Economic Impact™ of Power Automate

Forrester Research 2020

Transform raw data into dynamic visualizations for actionable insights with Power BI. Foster interactive data exploration, monitor real-time data, and make informed decisions based on predictive analytics.
Visualize Insights Dynamically
Transform raw data into meaningful visualizations, providing dynamic insights. This empowers decision-makers to comprehend trends and patterns effortlessly.
Foster Interactive Data Exploration
Create interactive dashboards for users to explore data intuitively, facilitating a deeper understanding of key metrics and enhancing overall data exploration.
Monitor Real-time Data
Ensure agility with real-time data monitoring, offering decision-makers the latest information to respond promptly to market changes and make informed strategic decisions.
Facilitate Data Collaboration
Encourage collaboration by sharing reports and dashboards across teams. This fosters a collaborative environment where insights are accessible to relevant stakeholders, promoting informed decision-making.
Enable Advanced Predictive Analysis
Unlock advanced analytics and predictive modeling capabilities, allowing organizations to forecast trends, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions based on predictive insights.

Total Economic Impact™ of Power BI

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Empower users to quickly build engaging websites with Power Pages. This low-code builder provides an intuitive interface that allows non-technical users to create high quality experiences.
Create Dynamic Content
Design responsive, interactive, and personalized pages. Design intuitively by dragging and dropping elements, choose from diverse templates, add rich media, and customize every element to create visually stunning and informative web experiences.
Connect Seamlessly to Data and Logic
Access and display data from various sources like Microsoft Dataverse, SharePoint, Excel, and more. Utilize Power Apps to create custom forms, workflows, and logic, fostering seamless interaction between your data and web pages.
Collaborate Effortlessly
Publish pages with a single click, sharing them with colleagues, customers, or partners. Control access permissions, embed Power BI analytics, and integrate chatbots with Power Virtual Agents, enhancing collaboration and engagement.
Leverage AI-Powered Content
Enrich your website with AI-generated headlines, captions, summaries, and recommendations. Optimize for SEO, accessibility, and performance using AI, enhancing your website's content and overall user experience.
Publish and Share Easily
Publish and distribute content with ease. Power Pages enables users to share pages internally or externally, ensuring information reaches the intended audience effectively and enhancing overall communication.

Total Economic Impact™ of Power Platform

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Automate and personalize customer interactions effortlessly with Power Virtual Agents. Foster natural conversations with users, integrate multi-channel support, customize user journeys, and leverage seamless Power Platform integration.
Automate Customer Interactions
Automate and personalize customer interactions effortlessly, providing instant support and enhancing overall user satisfaction with a seamless and intuitive experience.
Foster Natural Conversations
Foster natural conversations with users using advanced natural language processing capabilities. Power Virtual Agent ensures that interactions feel authentic and align with user expectations.
Integrate Multi-Channel Support
Integrate seamlessly across various communication channels, allowing users to engage with virtual agents through their preferred platforms. This enhances accessibility and ensures a consistent experience.
Customize User Journeys
Customize user journeys within virtual agents based on specific business processes. This feature allows organizations to tailor interactions to unique business requirements, optimizing user engagement.
Leverage Power Platform Integration
Leverage seamless integration with Power Platform, creating a unified environment for automation. This integration enhances the capabilities of virtual agents by leveraging data and workflows from other Power Platform components.

Total Economic Impact™ of Power Virtual Agents

Forrester Research 2021

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