Digital Performance

Optimize your digital campaigns and data tracking.

Our Services

Whatever your business objectives, ensure the coherence, alignment and ongoing optimization of your digital actions thanks to precise performance indicators.

We deploy tools to track and analyze your targets’ browsing behavior, improve the effectiveness of your interactions and refine your strategies. Our mission is to transform your approach to data and digital performance, maximizing the impact and ROI of your digital platforms and campaigns.

Organic Referencing


The technical compliance of a platform and its content directly influence the ease with which users can find it on search engines.

Whether it’s a website, portal or mobile application, our experts implement best practices to optimize visibility and ensure a user experience that contributes to your digital objectives.

  • SEO audit and recommendations
  • Optimization and implementation of corrective measures
  • Keyword research
  • Tool configuration

Digital Campaigns and Paid Search


To maximize your advertising campaign investments on search engines and social platforms, our teams work with you to align your strategy, optimize your choice of channels and ensure ongoing campaign optimization.

Depending on your starting point and objectives – whether visibility, sales, or any other type of conversion – our approach will help you achieve synergy between your initiatives.

  • Audit of existing business and competitive intelligence
  • Digital advertising strategy
  • Campaign configuration, management and optimization
  • Platform selection


To ensure greater visibility of your digital initiatives, we implement and optimize your data collection, analysis and visualization tools and processes.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the key metrics that link the success of your tools to your business objectives.

  • Audit and configuration of tools
  • Definition of objectives and KPIs
  • Data analysis
  • Custom configuration and tagging of advanced measurement tools
  • Dashboard set-up and optimization
  • Connection of CRM tools