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Information Systems Design Approach

Information Systems Built According to a Unique & Proven Methodology

Information Systems Design Approach

Logient promotes a methodology that puts forward not only the foundations of information systems design (IS design) but also the steps essential to the sound realization of process transformation and development projects.

Steps of our Technological Approach to Information Systems Design

Before starting your project, Logient will validate what has already been established by your team, as well as what remains to be planned. Some will already have a good preliminary analysis in hand so that they can immediately start designing software. Others will require reviewing each of its phases, with varying levels of depth. The objective of this exercise is to guide the development of your IT project in such a way as to obtain the expected results.

Client’s Organizational Approach

Organizational vision
Business model and competitive environment
Business process
Digital business process and portfolio

Getting Started With a 360-Degree Workshop

First, our specialists at Logient offer the client what we call a 360 workshop, an optional meeting with your internal resources to determine your organizational approach and your vision, your business model and your business and digital processes. This crucial four-hour meeting determines what work has been done on your end beforehand, reducing redundancies, but also ensuring the level of maturity of the project and the effort required.

We discuss your environment, the challenges you foresee, your competition and your differentiating elements in order to adequately identify your needs and ensure that we have all the essential elements to complete the mandate you entrust to us.


Our Technological or Digital Approach


Strategic thinking
Feasibility study
Diagnostic of current process

Optimization & Design

Business dimension
Graphic dimension
Technical dimension


Programmation and integration
Implementation, operation and evaluation

Phases of our Technological or Digital Approach

Logient adapts to the reality of each client after taking stock with its stakeholders, understanding the business strategy, carrying out a feasibility study and a diagnosis of the existing elements, then carrying out an in-depth analysis before the design of the new process as well as the system to be put in place.

Although in the eyes of some this process can be dense, our in-depth experience has shown that this step of becoming aware of the project imperatives is essential to its smooth running, since it allows us to make an exact estimate of the project, hours of development and technologies to adopt in order to deliver the solution on time and on budget.


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