A Tailored Employee

Your career path is unique and constantly evolving. Logient is here to help you achieve your goals.

Student Programs & Internships

We offer flexible internships of approximately four months with the opportunity for renewal for those who wish to continue their apprenticeship with us.

Our Values

A Journey Designed Specifically for you

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From the Moment you are Hired

Establish and share your needs from the start. Take advantage of a competitive salary, unlimited telecommuting and diversified group insurance plans. Plus, choose your preferred work location! Mobility is not only allowed, but also encouraged!
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When you Arrive

Specify your fields of interest. Choose your work team. You are a key player and it is important to join an environment where your expertise, experience and knowledge are valued.
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Throughout Your Career

Participate in a variety of projects, but above all, take advantage of the many opportunities offered to develop yourself. Share your career and development plan in the short, medium and long term and receive the coaching, training and support you need to develop your skills.

Our team is ready to welcome you

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