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As Soon as You Are Hired

Establish your needs at the very beginning of this adventure with us. Select what’s important to you from a wide choice of benefits, while receiving a competitive salary (weeks of vacation time, personal and family days, diversified group insurance plans, annual bonuses, etc.). Even more, adopt working conditions that stimulate you, as well as your favourite workplace! 

Various social benefits
Choice of a workplace
Flexible schedule

When You Arrive at Logient

Specify your key skills, your fields of interest and, at the same time, choose your work team. You will be a key player in the large Logient team and it is important to join an environment where your expertise, experience and knowledge are fully called upon. 

Selection of a technical specialty
Choice of a team
Fields of interest

Your Professional Background

Throughout your professional career at Logient, take part in a variety of projects, but above all, take advantage of the many development opportunities offered. Share your career and development plan in the short, medium and long term and receive accompaniment, training and support necessary to achieve this evolution

Training plan
Personalized career plan

Your Well-Being and Our Social Culture

Choose to participate in the social and team-building activities that appeal to you. Determine your preferred means of communication according to your personality and share your ideas to grow the team. In addition to being a builder of our clients’ digital world, you also build a work environment that resembles you: take part in a culture of openness, transparency and trust!

Communication tools according to your personality
Calendar of activities according to your interests
Recognition program

Join our team.

Say goodbye to the strict and uniform rules of the corporate world and hello to a tight-knit team!

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