Business Strategy

Build your organization’s digital future with ideation and strategic planning

Strategic Ideating

Your organization is evolving in an environment of perpetual change. For many companies, a digital transformation consists of turning existing processes into algorithms and code. But what happens to obsolete processes? What if a company’s environment has changed to the point that they are about to digitally transform processes that no longer have market value?

Through an ideation approach based on the concepts of co-creation and Design Thinking, we help you imagine the future of your organization from all angles, through the lens of the analyst, but also, the designer. So, not only do we turn your processes into algorithms and code, but we help you convert the challenges of your business ecosystem into opportunities for development and growth. This step is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and make you think outside the box.

Our Services

Analysis of your current situation
Mapping the competitive environment
Ideation workshops
Discovering new paradoxes
Framing challenges
Issuing new challenges
Developing an organizational vision

Creative Design or “Design Thinking”

A Proven Methodology

Creative design, or design thinking, is a work methodology that consists of deconstructing the development cycle of a project to eliminate the prejudices and behaviors that slow down innovation and to quickly and efficiently identify the needs, objectives and potential solutions of a given issue. The project can then start on the right foot!

A Simple Approach

Several projects are carried out each year for which the expected results are not achieved, either because once completed, the product or service no longer meets the initial needs, or because it is not used in the daily life of your employees or customers.

Design thinking overcomes this problem and ensures a satisfactory return on investment (ROI) by determining the needs of the users, all aligned with your business needs, before you even begin development! Together, we minimize risks, eliminate blind spots, consult with all key stakeholders, document and resolve operational issues.

The Stages of Design Thinking

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Analysis of the current situation/Diagnosis of the existing

02 / 05

Mapping of the competitive environment

03 / 05

Ideation workshops and sessions, framing of issues as well as issuing of new hypotheses 

04 / 05

Planning, specifications, roadmap and processes

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Business Models

Did you know there are over 60 different business models? Considering that an organization like yours typically uses at most four of these models to support its activities, this implies that we could re-examine your business ecosystem through another fifty other models to find new business opportunities. Each model is fully documented and includes a full selection of case studies and best practices to draw on.


If you’re thinking about your transformation, digital or otherwise, you will inevitably be exploring new models without even knowing it! That is because every element that needs to be transformed will affect your customer relationships, your value proposition, your revenue streams, and your operations.

With our strategic approach, our experts help you break down and redefine your business model by generating innovative ideas. This is an essential step before tackling your digital transformation.

Our Services:

  • Innovation and business model workshops
  • Analysis and dissection of current business models
  • Recommend business models that fit with your company vision
  • Frame challenges and optimize existing business models
  • Develop growth drivers

Strategic Planning & Roadmap

The future of your company is like a “cone of possibilities”. The further you get from the current point, the more difficult it is to make predictions and the larger the cone becomes. When we add technology or digital concepts, concepts that are sometimes less well understood by your teams, defining the future quickly becomes a demanding, even perilous exercise.

At Logient, we are specialists in the digital future. With our deep expertise in technology and planning, we walk you through this “cone of possibilities” and map out a clear and realistic roadmap. This planning includes defining key performance indicators (KPI) for every milestone, so you will always know you are on the right track.

Our Services:

  • Diagnostic of the current situation
  • Process revision workshops
  • Technology recommendations
  • Strategic planning
  • Project portfolio
  • Roadmap creation
  • Table and performance indicators tracking
  • Project and budget plans

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