Business Strategy

Put an end to shelfware reports with a fresh approach to strategy.

Our Approach

Our team of strategists and solution architects has come to the important realization that traditional strategic planning and digital & technological transformation approaches are often incompatible, making the task of aligning the two quite difficult.

That’s why Logient has developed a unique approach to strategic planning, designed to provide you with an organizational and digital transformation plan that’s easier to operationalize and measure.

Based on various methodologies drawn from cutting-edge organizational strategy literature, our approach will help you translate your vision and objectives into profitable and sustainable digital business models. Our experts will guide you through various workshops that will help structure and refine your game plan.

Organizational Strategy

Where to play?

Where will your organization be in five years’ time?
What key objectives will you have achieved?

To build a strategy, you need to understand where you want to excel and what you want to win. I It then requires an exhaustive analysis of your capabilities, your competitive environment, your portfolio of business models and your digital maturity.

From there, we guide you to refine your vision and growth vectors to truly achieve your goals.

This enables us to understand the gaps between your current situation and your future aspirations, and to develop a coherent and realistic business architecture.

  • Foresight and strategic vision
  • Organizational capacity assessment
  • Business model portfolio optimization
  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Governance framework and strategic plan monitoring

Enterprise Architecture

How to win?

Once clarity has been established about where you want to excel and what you aim to achieve, optimizing the organization becomes imperative to achieving these goals. This requires a rethinking of the enterprise architecture and a detailed roadmap for its implementation.

Our method consists of designing a target architecture, aligned with business objectives, followed by an in-depth audit of the organization’s current value-creation flows, business processes and key resource capabilities.

Finally, our experts document in great detail the gap between the current and target architectures, providing an organizational and digital transformation plan, as well as a portfolio of technology projects tailored to your specific context.

It’s the perfect fusion of strategy and technology.

  • Value stream modeling
  • Business process mapping
  • Audit of specific capabilities and key resources
  • Organizational and digital transformation plan
  • Technology project portfolio

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