Technology Architecture 

Ensure a technology roadmap designed to support your growth.

Our Services

Our strategists, architects and engineers are dedicated to ensuring a perfect match between your technology ecosystem and your strategic vision. In doing so, our team works closely to orchestrate your technologies so that they faithfully reflect your objectives, priorities, challenges and business contexts. This synergy aims to optimize the integration of technology solutions at the heart of your organization, ensuring seamless cohesion across all your business areas.

With impartiality at the core of our approach, we suggest a set of technological components which, when combined, constitute the best customized solution. This tailor-made solution, combining off-the-shelf software and specific developments, is designed to respond precisely and with flexibility to your evolving business requirements. Our goal? A technological infrastructure that not only meets your immediate needs, but also anticipates tomorrow’s challenges.


An optimal roadmap is based on a rigorous assessment of your current technology ecosystem.

By thoroughly identifying your needs, challenges and opportunities, we map out a technology strategy that fits your corporate vision.

This critical phase ensures a solid foundation for a technology transformation aligned with your strategic objectives.

  • Technology audit and code audit
  • Needs analysis
  • Feasibility study, risk and constraints analysis
  • Assessment of technological maturity and IT capabilities
  • Analysis report and strategic recommendations
  • Definition of digital transformation requirements


Drawing on insights gained from prior analysis, we develop tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrate the technologies best suited to your environment.

Our approach aims to create a flexible, scalable and secure architecture, ready to support your growth ambitions.

  • Definition of target architecture and technological standards
  • Selection of technologies and platforms
  • Data architecture and system integration
  • Process modeling
  • IT security and compliance plan


The technology roadmap is your action plan for achieving operational efficiency and turning your IT infrastructure into a lever for strategic growth.

It details the key stages, milestones and resources required to implement your targeted technology architecture.

This dynamic plan adapts to changes in the market and your business, ensuring smooth and efficient implementation.

  • Prioritization of technology initiatives and projects
  • Action plan and implementation schedule
  • Follow-up metrics and performance indicators