Technology Architecture

Innovative integration of your business solutions for informed and strategic decision-making

Tailor-Made Solutions

In a world as fast as the one in which we operate, it’s no longer just a question of coding to create tailor-made solutions, but also about integrating the best technologies available on the market. Thanks to experts in each of their fields whose expertise is put to good use for your organization, your operations will significantly increase in efficiency. But above all, you will be able to build the future thanks to a solid foundation and a thoughtful technology architecture.

Customized Decisional Process & Strategies

Invest your time from the start in a deep, structured, innovative decision-making process that can grow as your business needs evolve. Our specialists in enterprise architecture, solutions, and software and technology will provide you with tailored strategies. Due to the major investments of several large solution providers, it is increasingly advantageous to consider the integration of best of breed business solutions and thus benefit from their increased performance.

Customized Decisional Process & Strategies

Enterprise Architecture

Global vision, trend analysis and identification of needs for a proper functioning of the desired solution in connection with business processes and systems/technologies.

Solution Architecture

Design of a high-level architecture to consider the business needs of a given problem, broken down by business area and technology.

Software & Technology Architecture

The actual structure of the solution where we address the details of the implementation, the choice of components to meet the requirements of the solution architecture.

Why use our Technology Architecture Experts?

At Logient, we have extensive technological expertise. Thanks to the delivery of multiple large-scale projects, our architects have acquired significant experience, giving them a sharp vision of all your business challenges. Most importantly, they take a holistic and neutral approach, no matter what phase you are in. Our senior architects are excellent allies to assist you with decision-making in a consultative mode.

We know how important it is to take the time to perform a thorough preliminary analysis before determining the way forward. The primary goal of our architects is to identify the tailor-made solution for your needs and not to sell you a particular software, package or suite of tools. Our experts are impartial.

Our Technological Architecture Approach

Inspired by the Talbot-Rivard method, our technological architecture approach is divided into two parts: analysis and design. These are then subdivided into ten distinct stages. Our dedicated team will accompany you throughout the project, at the most convenient time for you.

Decisions & Technological Projects at the Heart of Enterprises

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We first take the time to get up to speed and immerse ourselves in your organizational and technological vision and all your processes. Our experience has shown us that the success of a project always depends on how it will support your issues and your business objectives. Information systems must no longer only meet very specific technical needs of an IT department.
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Secondly, we will carry out a feasibility study and a diagnosis of your existing platforms before we embark on a design phase of new processes and information systems. This progress, through all these steps, will obviously be carried out in consultative mode.

Code Auditing to Better Assess Your Technological Assets

Would you like to make sure that you are progressing on a good basis to continue developing your application or solution? Do you want to ensure the quality and robustness of your code? Opt for a timely code audit by our experts.

What is Code Auditing?

Code review, validation, or auditing is the analysis of an application’s source code to determine whether it meets development, security, and compliance standards. By browsing the code of a software or an application, we identify vulnerabilities to adequately correct flaws, detect bugs and ensure that no good business practice is exceeded. A code audit assesses each critical component and at the same time reduces the risk levels of your projects. 

Why Perform a Code Audit?

Various reasons motivate companies to turn to an external code audit like the one that Logient offers to its clients. Among those: 

  • Facilitate a migration to the Cloud 
  • Deploy the solution on a large scale 
  • Perform due diligence in a company acquisition 
  • Evaluate how feasible it is for an application to evolve 
  • Facilitate a transfer to a supplier 
  • Facilitate an internal reorganization 
  • Detect the reasons behind bugs 
  • Validate the quality of the deployment of the solution 
  • Identify security-related vulnerabilities 
  • Obtain a better return on investment than with penetration testing 

Code Audits Adapted to Your Reality

As with the entire range of our services, Logient offers different code audits that meet your specific needs, personalized and tailor-made according to your objectives and budgets.

From the summary assessment to the in-depth DevSecOps assessment, our experts will provide you with a complete audit, including:
Security profile
Risk report
Copy of SonarCloud results
Audit of vulnerabilities and dependencies
Result of security and load tests
Estimation of costs related to scale requirements
Presentation of results

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