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Following the acquisition of two language schools, one in Vancouver and the other in Melbourne (Australia), the LCI Education network has been struggling with three completely different registration systems, and the information associated with them (including the one in place in Montreal).

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The Oscar system was implemented, which allows for the standardization and automation of the admissions process for international students to all three schools. Moreover, the analysis of the business and operational processes led to the recommendation of a unique admissions processes for the ensemble of the campuses.

  • Create a new management system adapted to the needs of its language schools;
  • Standardize business processes across its information network, and in data management practices for handling admission and registration for international students – this includes the standardization of costs, class assignments, management of student orientation, and housing.


The work completed allows for the simplification of the management of registration, and the centralization of data to increase efficiency, and improve daily operations. Following the success of the Oscar admissions and student management systems for the two newest schools, the LCI Education Network will continue to call on Logient for technical support and advancement needs for this system.

About LCI

The LCI Education network is made up of 23 higher education campuses, and roughly 2,500 employees who work with more than 15,000 students over 5 continents.

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