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Scalable website maintenance and platform evolution

Is looking for a partner in order to do the application maintenance of their site as well as evolve the platform to meet their new needs. Tel-Jeunes wishes to integrate several systems, such as the communication between the foundation’s agents and public security as well as an online payment system.


Evolutionary maintenance
.Net, Kentico


Tel-Jeunes has already been using the Kentico CMS/EMS platform for many years. Kentico is an important player in the CMS/EMS section. The popularity of this platform comes from the quality of its manufacturing and the richness of its functionalities. It is an easily customizable platform to meet the needs of Tel-Jeunes. As a Kentico Gold Partner, Logient was able to leverage its expertise for the development of the website in addition to offering a maintenance support service.


In addition to providing ongoing maintenance and technical support, Logient has linked the real-time chat communication system to public safety to enable rapid intervention with young users in case of emergency. Following this integration, Logient proceeded with the integration of Moneris to facilitate fundraising campaigns for the Foundation. From an evolutionary point of view, we continued to develop widgets to facilitate its design and content creation.

About Tel-Jeunes

Tel-Jeunes has been supporting and informing young people in Quebec since 1991. Since its inception, Tel-Jeunes has been providing telephone, Internet and text messaging services at any time of day or night to more than 1,800,000 young people across Quebec. They aspire to enable young people to exercise greater control over their lives by providing them with the necessary tools.

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