Intranet portal for My Telecom Warehouse inventory management.

Confronted by the quasi-exponential multiplication of its technological assets, Bell is seeking a centralized management tool for its inventory.

Custom software
Medias and Telecommunications
Medias and Telecommunications


My Telecom Warehouse enables the establishing of the profile for the equipment (cellular telephones, computers, etc.), network connections, software licenses, and everything related in any way to their technological assets needed for daily operation.

My Telecom Warehouse is an intranet portal that provides the following possibilities to each employee:
Consultation of information relative to IT purchasing processes – policy, procedure for creating a request, rights and restrictions of the user
Ordering new equipment
Management of IT assets for which he/she is responsible
The portal also plays a content management role. Thus, all configuration can be carried out directly on the platform on which the site is deployed.


35,000 Bell employees order and manage their IT assets via My Telecom Warehouse.

The portal handles:
More than 120,000 IP addresses
100,000 network connections
80,000 software licenses
50,000 personal computers

About Bell

A telecommunications enterprise, Bell offers a complete range of broadband communication services to its residential and business clients. The company is comprised of 55,000 employees, 17,000 of which work in Quebec.

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