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Brault & Bouthillier

Website redesign to distinguish B2B and B2C sections

Brault et Bouthillier wants to increase visibility of their website corresponding to the needs of their clientele, made of mostly of corporate (B2B) and individual (B2C) clients.

Distribution and Manufacturing


In collaboration with an agency, create a distinction directly on the site so it is clear immediately from the homepage that there is information specific designated to each client type.


The website was transformed to display a wider difference between B2B/B2C components. Thus, two distinct homepages were created to quickly direct the client to the appropriate section (either the section designated to corporate clients, or for family shops).

About Brault & Bouthillier

Since 1944, Brault & Bouthillier has contributed to learning, and to youth development worldwide by offering and adapting a quality collection of fun, educational, and instructive products. The company also offers training and consulting services for educational professionals, as well as to parents seeking to see their young ones reach their full potential. The company has sales offices in Quebec, Ontario, and in the Maritime provinces.

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