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Our Approach

From Bold Vision to Seamless Execution

In today’s global business landscape, organizations are faced with challenges of increasing complexity, requiring strategic, operational, and managerial decisions to be more nuanced and interconnected than ever before.

Leveraging technology has become a pivotal factor in creating competitive advantages and solving intricate, high-stakes problems.

Amidst of constantly evolving and emerging technologies, the gap between aspiration and achievement is stark, and at Logient, we believe success requires leaders to make tough choices and strategic decisions about how to use technology and where to focus IT investments sustainably.

Logient transforms IT aspirations into high-impact solutions that fuel efficiency and innovation.

From the initial blueprint to full-scale deployment, we deliver robust, future-proof solutions focused on maximizing business value.

Our expertise is rooted in a rich heritage that allows us to efficiently minimize risk and align people, processes and systems around a daring technological transformation tailored to your overarching business goals.

  • Keen understanding of your starting point and maturity level
  • Strong operational insights
  • Deep digital consulting experience
  • Cutting edge technology knowledge
  • Sharp technical expertise

Forging Clarity and Gaining Visibility

  • We tailor our approach to meet you where you are.

Whether building on your early explorations and insights or starting fresh, our focus is on understanding and prioritizing precise challenges.

Through iterative development and meticulous testing, we develop robust solutions in sync with your goals. This flexible methodology reduces risk and underscores sustainable value, guaranteeing long-term success for your technological endeavors.

  • For us, the sweet spot between people, technology, and business is where real value is uncovered. This balance enables crafting practical, user-friendly, and sustainable solutions with lasting benefits.

Component #1 – Business

Understand the needs, challenges and business objectives associated with the solution, and translate them into functional requirements.

Component #2 – Users

Understand the needs and concerns of internal and external users, and translate them into functional requirements.

Component #3 – Technology

Understand the current technological ecosystem, and make sure to design a technological architecture that supports technical and functional requirements.

Delivery Methods

Starting from where you are, we guide you in setting the best course forward, balancing the “what” – whether to maintain, optimize, or overhaul your existing systems – and the “how” – finding the ideal mix between custom development and customization of off-the-shelf solutions.

Our hybrid approach blends these strategies, varying in sequence and intensity based on your specific needs. This combination results in an integrated ecosystem, ensuring seamless operability and optimized performance within your organization.

  • Custom Development

Our approach enables the design of solutions or bespoke components precisely tailored to a project’s unique requirements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality. It allows us to navigate complex challenges with targeted, adaptable solutions that are in perfect harmony with your specific goals.

  • Business Applications

We assess and customize best-of-breed solutions for seamless integration into your architecture, tailoring them to meet specific needs. This strategy accelerates deployment, improves reliability, and enhances cost efficiency, achieving optimal ecosystem performance.

Business Solutions

No matter where you are on your technological transformation journey—whether you’re adopting new systems, optimizing existing ones, preparing for migration, or defining the best path forward—we prioritize business value over specific solutions.

Our approach goes beyond a once-and-done IT project; it’s an ongoing partnership focused on aligning technology with your strategic objectives, ensuring that each step propels your business towards sustained growth and success.

  • ERP

An ERP coordinates and automates a company’s various activities, facilitating the integrated management of operations. It serves as the backbone for collecting, storing and analyzing information, ensuring global, real-time visibility of processes.

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  • CRM

A CRM manages and improves a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. It centralizes customer data, facilitating segmentation, interaction tracking and behavior analysis to personalize service and communications.

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  • CMS

A CMS optimizes the creation, management and modification of a website and its content. Offering greater flexibility and autonomy, it features functionalities and interfaces that prioritize customization, security and collaboration.

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