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Auvents Multiples

Commercial Web application that facilitates the management of awning orders.

Multiple Awnings urgently needs to overhaul its order management system, Order Center, which is obsolete due to the rapid growth of the company’s business.

Distribution and manufacturing


Logient suggests a new version of the Order Center Web application, which appears to be better adapted to Multiple Awnings’ reality. This version, which offers various features, considers the company’s significant business evolution and meet its future needs.


It is now possible to manage all orders using a single tool. Multiple Awnings’ team benefits from a dashboard allowing them to monitor each order from the moment they receive it to the moment they deliver the goods, send billing information via e-mail, and dispatch orders. During this process, a link is created directly between the Costco site and the Multiple Awnings site providing the team with real-time access to the orders with the option to create filters and sort information.

Customer benefits:
Provides better control and appropriate order tracking
Allows a rigorous stock management process
Improves customer service
Increases the company’s credibility and, consequently, its turnover

About Auvents Multiples

The Multiple Awnings Group is the largest residential and commercial awnings manufacturer in Canada, as well as the undisputed leader in innovative awning manufacturing and installation. The company distributes its products internationally.

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