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Creation of the Web platform " Scene Pro" to help Quebec artists, broadcasters and producers coordinate the various operations required for the programming of shows.

Rideau sought a technological partner for the creation of its new Scène Pro Web platform, whose purpose is to facilitate the coordination efforts required between Quebec broadcasters, show producers and other stakeholders. Due to the nature of the project, Rideau wanted to develop a partnership with an IT firm, so they could benefit from its technical expertise for both the solution and its maintenance.


Custom software
Medias and Telecommunications


Logient proposes a multi-tenant solution that will support several versions of the portal on the same backend. The front-end will be developed in Angular and could be duplicated according to the desired number of tenants. On the other hand, the backend will be developed using ASP.NET Core and hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud.


The Web application will offer a dynamic dashboard that will provide a multitude of functionalities to the members. Each tenant (broadcasters, artists, etc.) will have their own interface that will be tailored according to their role. The Web application notably enables the management of:

the different organizations
artists, venues, and show offers
a request approval system
online payments
Furthermore, the Web application is designed to facilitate external integration through an API.

About Rideau

With 170 members across Quebec and in the Canadian Francophonie, RIDEAU is the Professional association of broadcasters and encompasses 350 theaters and festivals, as well as regional networks that promote the performing arts. By allowing artists to perform for their public in both local venues and abroad, RIDEAU also contributes to economic and urban development. Its actions foster the establishment of a social and cultural balance between regions.

«Logient has a powerful team that can handle challenges while maintaining a human connection with the client. We are happy to have chosen to work with them!»
– Marie-Pier Pilote, Rideau

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