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Bamboo Space is looking for a supplier to create an application that offers companies a Bottom-Up solution. This must be developed on a web platform offering the possibility of evolution over time and above all a high level user experience.

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    Custom software
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Following the evaluation of different possible solutions to meet the needs of Bamboo Space, Logient has selected the programming language Jira.

This language has existed and evolved for more than 20 years. It is the most widespread, easy to learn and provides access to a huge community of developers and tools. Moreover, from a technical point of view, Java is a robust and secure choice. It is definitely the technology that best meets the needs of Bamboo Space.


The application was developed in Logient’s offices working hand in hand with the Bamboo Space team. This solution allows companies to promote the initiatives of its employees via a dashboard offering these options:

  • Create ideas to implement sustainable improvements
  • Invite colleagues to participate in ideas
  • Celebrate the achievement of employee initiatives
  • Follow-up on an idea

The solution is currently hosted on Azure and maintained by the Logient team.

About Bambou Space

Bamboo Space is a Montreal-based company offering a Bottom-Up solution to help organizations be autonomous and dynamic through continuous improvement, innovation and transformation initiatives.

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