Montréal International

An international recruiting platform

Talent Montréal was looking for a technological partner to develop a portal that could serve as a powerful tool for, and meet the expectations of  candidates while taking into consideration the business realities of recruiters and companies:

  • For candidates: Find a job, obtain help during the initial hiring process and find out more about life in Montreal.
  • For recruiters: Find the right candidate and simplify the hiring process.
Custom software


Logient recommends using the Kentico platform – a proven, best of breed CMS/EMS solution which has earned its reputation and popularity thanks to its stability and the vast number of functionalities it has to offer.

Kentico is a refined, robust and scalable platform that can take care of 95% of the functional requirements expressed by Montréal International right out of the box or through minimal customization or configuration. Not only does this speed up the required development time, but it also guarantees longevity through the regular updates provided by Kentico on the components for years to come.


The platform is divided into two sections: recruiters and candidates. Each of these components lets users create profiles, publish job offers or submit applications and follow-up. Throughout the development of the project, Logient acted as a consultant and guided Talent Montréal in making educated decisions when it came to choosing the best technologies available.

The solution is developed on Kentico .NET application hosted on Azure.

About Montréal International

Montréal International acts as an economic engine by attracting resources from abroad, thus accelerating the success of its partners and clients. Since its founding in 1996, Montreal International has contributed to bringing in and retaining more than 11,000 international workers.

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