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Mondou has a website developed using Orckestra technology. They are looking for a provider that offers personalized service based on active collaboration for the evolution of its platform, to ensure rigorous monitoring. Mondou is looking for a supplier that is available and offers the full range of services it requires.

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Embracing the Agile approach, two experienced Logient developers are dedicated full-time to the scalable maintenance of Mondou’s Web platform. A team leader, a Scrum Master and a quality assurance analyst participate in the work for a few hours a week. In addition, every Tuesday, Logient resources visit Mondou to review the most recent change requests and present new features in the form of demonstrations.


Mondou now has a team that’s familiar with its platform and able to make all the necessary modifications and improvements. The Logient team takes the time to analyze the requests, provide an estimate of the effort required to complete each one, and recommend other solutions as needed.

Logient’s resources have:

  • Integrated Google Analytics into an online form
  • Automated testing
  • Added links for better navigation
  • Detailed profiles for better segmentation
  • Fixed bugs

About Mondou

Mondou is a 100% Quebec family business in business since 1938. It is recognized as Quebec’s leader in retail and services dedicated to the well-being and health of pets. Mondou has more than 65 branches across Quebec as well as a major distribution centre.

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