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Robert Group

Connecting the SAP PO tool and Scale

Groupe Robert has to integrate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in order to bring its partners and its warehouse management system, Scale, into contact. To do so, it will be necessary to use SAP PO, however, Groupe Robert’s team lacks knowledge in this field and must seek external help.


Technology integration
Distribution and Manufacturing


After analyzing the integration requirements, the Logient team created a reusable mapping of the templates for each complex transaction. To do this, the SAP PO RESTful adapter was used.

And of course, during the integration, there was a knowledge transfer between Logient experts and the Groupe Robert team regarding the use of SAP and SAP PO.


The customer is delighted with the success of the project and makes good use of the new SAP PO features, such as the RESTful .

In addition to a fast and efficient EDI integration, Groupe Robert has acquired a lot of knowledge about SAP PO.

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