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OPAL-RT is positioning itself to take on a new section of the market by introducing a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulator, whose hardware setup adapts itself to the client needs. In order to do this, the simulator must incorporate portions of embedded software, and the company must translate and optimize the existing source code to support the management of the simulation.

  • Service

  • Industry

    Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Technology

    Embedded, ALM


Calling on Logient’s technical expertise in embedded software allows OPAL-RT to plan, organize, and execute each development step necessary.


OPAL-RT has enhanced its expertise in embedded software development, and is thus able to offer an HIL simulator able to capture data at high speed, as well as E/S plug-ins at unbeatable prices. Additionally, the company was thus able to define its subcontracting approach regarding embedded software.


In business since 1997, OPAL-RT is a global leader in real-time simulation that offers researchers and engineers a way to accelerate the launch of better products, and to ensure more reliable energy transportation. As a part of the 300 most important PMEs in Quebec, the company aids, for example, the automotive, aerospace, and energy production industries. It offers HIL test equipment designated for electrical, electromechanical, and powerful electronic systems.

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