Logient is delving the healthcare industry


In an effort to bring its technological expertise and product creation to new industries, Logient is proud to welcome among its ranks a family physician, Dr. Vincent Dumouchel, in order to make waves by revamping much needed healthcare and life science’s enterprise technology as our newly appointed  Managing Director of Logient’s healthcare solutions. Our goal is to speed up innovation in this industry we all hold dear but where disruption by technology is currently lacking and progress is failing to meet expectations. For the past few years, Dr. Dumouchel has been living at the intersection of technology and life sciences proving able to wear many hats at once. He factors in strongly with his past medical knowledge as an emergency and inpatient ward physician, yet he proves to be instrumental to healthcare projects by contributing also as a self-taught designer and a full-stack programmer.

Vincent previously provided consultancy work for Telus Health, Canada’s leader in electronic medical records (EMR) and helped raise capital for a medical startup in the appointment managing space for which he designed the product from A to Z.

As the Managing Director of healthcare solutions at Logient, his role is to solve with code the challenges faced by healthcare & life sciences corporations. He assists, advises and builds thriving relationships with these enterprises by providing them with extensive medical insights from the industry. Hence, he puts his full stack coding skills and past product experience to use by acting as the Product Owner or subject matter expect throughout our customers software’s engineering process.  Accordingly, he will steer clear product visions as well as interface between the organizations decision makers and Logient’s specialty teams.

Starting immediately, Logient’s healthcare solutions now bring their design & software development expertise to life science corporations such as healthcare professional groups & clinics,  medical device manufacturers, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, biotechs, diagnostic and imaging companies as well as any organization or individuals wishing to drive new innovations related to life sciences.

Crafting software & applications for corporations of the healthcare industry is no easy feat, Dr. Dumouchel believes that by partnering with Logient’s team and forward-thinking enterprises, we will be able to bring to life the user, consumer & patient experiences of tomorrow.