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What would your experience at Logient be like?

Dear future employee, are you passionate about your job and looking for your new work environment? Welcome to our website and allow us to introduce ourselves. Beyond a job, we believe in experience. What does this actually change? Just about everything Far from the formatted framework of a 40 hours/week job, we invite you to mould your time with us to as you imagine it. The choice of team, expertise, schedule and location Its up to you to tell us what works for you. Our keywordhyperflexibility! 


Why Join Us?

Because you share the same values: Our environment cultivates trust. We can always count on you, and you on us. We stand for authenticity: we value your unique flavour, and we respect differences. In addition, we build together an environment of openness to change, resourcefulness, curiosity and excellence. Finally, genius. This is a value that is not reflected only in the creation of our software, but also in the way we are open to new ideas. 

Because routine bores you and you want to broaden your comfort zone: Logient has a wealth of talents. Our success is based on the commitment, daringness and adventurous spirit of our entire team. Our recipe for fun at work: evolve in an environment that relies on what you do best. We put in place the conditions conducive to your learning and improvement on a daily basis. You will work on a large portfolio of projects to showcase your strengths and develop them by trying out new technologies. You will also be able to develop your skills: certifications, training, mentoring, development in action We are the partner of all your ambitions. 

Because among colleagues, we share a lot: expertise, knowledge, the pleasure of a job well done, availability and, of course, social activities! Your future team has so much to offer you. 

Have we aroused your curiosity? Check out our available positions, we cant wait to meet you. 

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