Solutions Integration

The integration of growing best of breed solutions to maximize the performance of your ecosystems

Solutions Integration

Take advantage of cutting-edge expertise to support you in the selection, integration and customization of high-performance solutions. Take advantage of the proven benefits resulting from the advancements and investments of these renowned platforms and connect them to your other platforms already in place to maximize the efficiency of your ecosystems.

Integration of Growing Solutions

It was not that long ago that custom code was necessary to obtain powerful software tailored to your business needs, but the reality of the market has changed a lot since the late 2000s.

Several solutions are available on the market to meet various key needs, for ERP, CRM, CMS or even MAP, PIM, AMS in particular. The big players in the industry at the helm of these tools have injected thousands of dollars over the years to ensure their evolution at the cutting edge of technology. Some companies will decide to opt for a single solution at the heart of their operations, to which several modules are added. Others will decide on the assembly of the best solutions in each category offered on the market (best of breed).

This option of integrating off-the-shelf solutions makes it possible to make use of technological advances that would have been more complex and expensive to create in-house under tailor-made development. This explains the resurgence of the solution integration market to the detriment of tailor-made development. Code and custom development will never disappear, but they are now used in many different ways as your ecosystems evolve!

Logient’s Solutions Integration Service Offer

Our teams of experts specializing in development and integration cover the entire lifecycle to ensure the success of your projects. In addition to our contribution to the selection of the most appropriate solution for your needs, Logient offers a range of experienced resources depending on the option chosen. We can handle all aspects of the desired integration, from consulting to management, and turnkey implementation!

Whatever platforms and solutions you would like to integrate, our experts master their best-of-breed connectors and APIs. In the event that these do not already exist, our versatility and multidisciplinarity are renowned in the industry and we always find the solution that suits your personalized needs. We know how to unite platforms that do not traditionally connect and orchestrate efficient data exchanges and flows.

Connectors / API

Once your off-the-shelf solutions are well integrated, they will necessarily have to connect to other information systems already in place to attain fully integrated ecosystems. This connection between systems requires custom development expertise.

Today’s architecture is often about connecting different solutions and different nested products to match your business processes. The proliferation of specialized platforms or modules requires the connection of these through APIs and connectors, but also the interaction with more and more departments of the company.

CRMs, to name only this example, now serve accounting, customer service, marketing and all areas of a business, but they once used to be only for sales. They connect their various individual tools to it in order to maximize operational efficiency.

The Solution Integration Process

Technology architecture has evolved consistently, especially with the advent of more and more SaaS platforms in the technological ecosystems of our clients. The same is true for information architecture, since these individual platforms require a better flow of information and the use of multiple systems.

For example, during an online purchase, the CRM and the e-commerce platform are linked by an API that transmits various information about the buyer. This connection must be made by a resource if it is not available off the shelf by the supplier, since the fields must be linked in the database to pass the data.

In the case of a SAP HIM connection with Core Finance, for example, the new employee (role, salary, manager, etc.) is entered in the HIM in order to be recorded in the database. This is then connected to Core Finance so that accountants can access it for their reports. The same goes for Process Integration and Orchestration from SAP, MuleSoft from Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.).

A 360-Degree View of the Data

While we have, in most cases, said goodbye to custom coded solutions from scratch, we have seen that the need for integration remains relevant. Businesses have a growing necessity for interfacing and accessing data from these multiple connections. We can support you in building reports and 360-degree data views through customization of reporting and business intelligence tool interfaces.

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