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The growth statistics for online sales around the world keep increasing. In an era where one-click shopping has become a reality and consumers expect more and more efficiency and simplicity in their shopping journey, companies need to develop this sales channel and optimize performance. 

For more than 20 years, Logients recognized expertise has helped optimize the transactional and information process of our clients and their major projects. We develop innovative e-commerce solutions on a daily basis in all industries, such as retail, manufacturing, media and telecommunications, finance, non-profit organizations and professional orders, the industrial sector, etc. 

When you entrust your projects, platforms and business objectives to our ecommerce experts, we can help you increase your efficiency at all stages of implementation. 

Selection, Tailoring, Configuration of an E-Commerce Platform

Are you wondering if you should keep your e-commerce solution, change it, modify it or start again from scratch? Logient will be able to guide you at each step of this strategic choice by first carrying out a complete assessment of your existing platform, if applicable, and its capacity for development, as well as the financial impacts thereof. 

 Logient helps you ask the right questions by offering you strategic support in choosing the platform that best suits your current and future needs. 

Our experts simplify your decisions and work with you on the different possible configurations

  • Integration with your ERP or standalone, your communication tool, back-office system, API/tailor-made, connectors and functionalities to be personalized 
  • Online payment (Moneris, PayPal, banking system, etc.) 
  • Real-time inventory 
  • Variant of products 
  • Selection of customized/configurable products 
  • Inventory management 
  • Order tracking, shipping and dispatch 
  • Transport and reception of packages 
  • After-sales follow-up 

Ecommerce Platforms

At Logient, we master a host of platforms and we can objectively help you choose the one that best suits your ecommerce needs: 

Software Architecture and Ecommerce Information

Depending on e-commerce needs, our teams can create a store website from A to Z, or only develop transactional or informational modules that will complement your current system and integrate with reputable payment platforms. We will validate connectivity with customer service management communication platforms as well as back office integration, for example with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, if applicable. Our Logient one-stop shop gives you peace of mind and added value. Robustness and flexibility are among our key assets!


Design of Your Transactional Site’s User Interface

Get involved as much as you’d like: our resources can work as a team with yours or deliver a turnkey project. In order to provide excellent service to your consumers, Logient has a digital division called Poudre noire, specializing in UX, UI and design thinkingIts many projects are proof of pioneering meticulous work, without neglecting the aspect of tailor-made development. 

Development of the Online Sales Site and Its Management

The development of the e-commerce website will be done under the Agile approach to offer you greater flexibility throughout the evolutionary process. Once the project is completed, your teams will be trained to facilitate the transition from our teams to yours. 




Maintenance and Evolution othe Ecommerce Platform

Because your projects and ambitions change, we deliver scalable solutions adapted to your growth needs. Machine learning, adding payment or transportation methods, new service offerings, a strategy for product recommendations and managing your customer traffic flow are just a few of the options available to you. When the time comes, we will be able to make changes and improvements without going back to square one since the strategy selected from then on has been designed to evolve at the same rate as your business! 

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