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Salesforce Applications

Streamline your processes, make informed decisions, and jump-start your growth with Salesforce applications.

Providing your company with a CRM is the first step to a solid digital transformation. As your primary CRM system, Salesforce can accelerate and increase your company’s sales, build customer loyalty, and expand your marketing capabilities.

Logient can help you implement Salesforce and its various modules to streamline business processes and maximize your services and solutions.

Several Modules can be Implemented

CRM Module – Customer Relationship Management

Effective integration of Salesforce with your internal business systems such as ERP, custom applications, and databases is critical for sales teams to increase revenue and better serve customers.

Sales & Service Cloud Module – Customer Satisfaction Management

This solution helps you to quickly deliver personalized services to best satisfy your customers and the growth of the company. The tool will allow your managers to provide adequate responses within a respectable timeframe. You will be able to monitor your customers’ progress with an optimal service platform.

Module Marketing Cloud (Account Engagement) – Generate & Convert Leads With Marketing Automation

This marketing automation solution allows you to generate and capture leads quickly on your platform and convert them into potential clients. You can also create personalized campaigns and track every step of your target’s journey, from their first click to their last. By doing so, you will know what to optimize in your next campaigns.

Experience Cloud Module – Collaboration & Connectivity at the Heart of our Values

This platform provides access to tools that allow you to create a support and exchange relationship between customers, partners and employees. Thanks to these exchanges, you will be able to improve your services at any time and thus propose an even more adapted offer. Customizable and mobile-optimized, with scalable templates and no coding required, this collaborative tool integrates Salesforce CRM data – opportunities, opportunities, activities, leads – to meet your specific business needs.

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