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Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform helps organizations across all industries improve their processes and outcomes by customizing Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions to their specific needs.

Most organizations (86%!) struggle to find technical talent capable of building and scaling applications. Power Apps allows developers to do more with less and create simple, agile, low-code or even no-code applications.

Microsoft Power Apps, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, helps you integrate and automate many innovative processes. Use Microsoft Power Platform to modernize your business tools through the cloud.

Benefits include:

  • Building without code
  • Easy learning
  • Time and money savings
  • Fast problem detecting and resolution
  • System evolution



The DevOps approach increases efficiency and productivity through team collaboration and automation of software development and deployment processes. The DevSecOps approach has the advantage of integrating security mechanisms. The goal is to create high-quality cloud software as efficiently as possible.

Software Factory

Our productivity tools, well established with our clients, allow us to analyze your data and develop flexible software without writing a single line of code.

On average, our tools produce more than 200,000 lines of code (Angular 8, C#, .NET, SQL Azure) per software prototype in a matter of seconds during the initial phase of our Agile development process.


Here are the technologies used to create high-performance cloud solutions.

User Interface (UI)

Back-end Applications

Data & Reports


What is Low-Code / No-Code?

A low-code development platform (LCDP) enables application software to be created via graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming.

Low-code development platforms reduce the amount of traditional hand-coding, enabling accelerated delivery of business applications at low cost.

Advantages of Low-Code / No-Code

  • Provide more powerful development tools than Excel to help your teams be more productive and enable your IT department to collaborate at a higher value
  • Helping your company innovate and evolve

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