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Large Canadian Airport

How a Large Canadian Airport modernized its identity management system with Power Platform

A Large Canadian Airport was looking to replace its original Secure Airport Access Management (SaaM) system with a new, modern solution that would better meet its growing needs. The airport wanted the ability to issue access passes more quickly using reliable, scalable technology, while respecting aviation security standards and increasing the efficiency of its operations.

Custom application
Microsoft Power Platform

Logient’s solution

Logient modernized the airport’s SaaM system by developing and deploying a Microsoft Power Platform application better suited to its environment. The application leveraged several components of the Power Platform system, including:
Power Apps: to develop a model-driven application that provides easier data management and a better user experience
Power Automate: to automate business processes, approvals and notifications
Power BI: to visualize system data through interactive dashboards

Business success

The solution developed by Logient has allowed the airport to increase the speed of processing access passes by approximately 50 per cent. It has also optimized customer correspondence by reducing transaction time and the risk of error through automated notifications, now sent directly by email. The airport’s team can sort data according to their needs via an easy-to-use dashboard and quickly produce reports.
Optimize the access pass renewal process to generate time savings
Improve risk management by detecting potential errors at the source
Automate notifications to optimize correspondence
Allow for the creation of custom dashboards and reports
Accelerate the reconciliation process via the user interface
Evolve over time to meet the future needs of the airport

About our client

As one of North America’s largest and most important travel hubs in terms of total passenger volume, the airport serves millions of customers every year with daily flights to national, continental and global destinations.

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