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Transform your workspace by making it smart and secure thanks to geolocation technology. The Logispace application has multiple features, sometimes customized, to control the occupancy of your collective spaces, all at your fingertips. Logispace adapts to your needs, whether small or vast, from maintaining maximum visit thresholds to connections to your IT systems for complete data integration. 

How Does the Logispace Application Work?

Developed as a mobile application (Android and iOS) and easy to use, the Logispace application offers basic functionalities and offers the possibility of adding advanced or customized functions. The basic ones provide data collection and an overview of the situation on premises. Then, depending on the business needs of each client, it is possible to integrate questionnaires ensuring control of health and safety, mapping, geolocation, communication, etc., to quickly filter the number of people, identify them and even validate their state of health, for example. 

Basic Solution: Logispace Functionality

Workplace Selection

Choose your workplace and floor from the list of open offices


Find out the identity of the person filling out the form

Capacity Management

Manage space capacity per floor and per office

Android and iOS Availability

Accessible through the App Store or website

Administrator Interface

Manage the administration and data management role


Support multiple languages

Book Space at the Office

Plan attendance at work and reserve locations

Automated Reports

Generate a basic automated report with a configurable list

Notification System

Receive an alert when the building is closed or when capacity is exceeded

Logispace Evolved Solution

Improve the basic application by connecting it to various existing information systemsthus improving the user experience. 

  • Integration with MS Office (Exchange) 
  • Advanced dashboard 
  • Selection of a precise location in a workspace 
  • Capacity management according to Outlook reservations 
  • Space mapping 

Premium Solution

The integration of geolocation in this version of the Logispace application makes it possible to connect the mapped space and people to each other, in real time, using sensors/beacons or other communication languages determined upstream (Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc.). 

  • Integration with an ERP 
  • Integration with the corporate intranet 
  • Real-time management of space occupancy and capacity (this function requires sensors) 
  • Realtime monitoring with map (ultra-precise positioning of employees to the nearest step) 


Business Benefits of This Space Management Technology

  • Facilitate and simplify everyday life in the office (access, space management, communications) 
  • Reduce legal risks related to employee protection 
  • Analyze attendance data for better decisionmaking 
  • Respond to an employees health problem 

Technical Advantages of the Geolocation and Office Management Solution

  • Fully customizable solution to the client’s brand 
  • Accessibility of the application without any associated costs 
  • Fully customizable content (questionnaire, FAQ, conditions, etc.) 
  • No infrastructure required since the solution is in the cloud 

Interested in the Logispace application?