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Green Raven for SAP

Green Raven provides an error control dashboard for monitoring integration scenarios. This SAP integration add-in helps limit the number of interruptions during the execution of integration scenarios. 

Increasing Overall Performance

Green Raven enables the processing and correction of the content of error messages before they are returned to the target information system. This error monitoring application superimposed on SAP PI/PO is of exceptional value as it increases the efficiency of the integration error management process. With the appropriate authorization, any employee can gain access to the Green Raven dashboard (e.g., operations analyst, plant manager, etc.) and thus increase the overall performance of the SAP integration. 

What Are the Benefits of the Green Raven Tool for SAP?

  • Use of a simple and accessible interface 
  • Simplification of the process and reduction of the number of steps for error handling 
  • Significant increase in the speed of SAP integration scenarios 
  • Correction and reprocessing of message content before return to the target system 
  • Elimination of technical support since with the appropriate authorization any user can correct the content and resubmit it 

What Are the Technical Characteristics of Green Raven?

  • Accessibility through mobile devices, tablets or computer 
  • Superimposed application for SAP NetWeaver PI (Process Integration) 
  • Design with SAPUI5 and SAP NetWeaver Java 

See how Green Raven can improve the execution
time of integrating your processes.