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Digital and Technological Health Solutions

Logient provides software design and development expertise to key players in the healthcare and life sciences industry, including healthcare professional groups and clinics, medical device manufacturers, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology and radiology companies, as well as organizations and individuals wishing to stimulate innovation in the sector. 

Logient, A Company Run
by Experts in the
Healthcare Field

Developing software and applications for healthcare companies is not easy. Dr. Dumouchel believes that joining the Logient team and partnering with progressive clients will make it possible to create the user, client and patient experiences of tomorrow. 

Our forward-looking management team is made up of dedicated executives. Their knowledge and past experiences in healthcare combine to make a difference for all types of technology clients: patients, healthcare providers, employees, communities and investors. 

Logient Extended Health Service Offering

Teaming up with a technology partner like Logient not only allows for a better time to market and increased productivity, but also to benefit from the expertise that will guide you through best practices and the service that meets your business needs. 

Strategic Transformation

Our 360 workshops are essential to break down barriers and align your digital healthcare strategy with patients, users, governance and policies. This workshop will therefore allow you to bridge the gap between planning and execution. 


Research and UX/UI Design

A rigorous methodology allows us to deepen our understanding of the daily problems of users. This makes it possible to consider different solution paths in order to achieve an optimal UX and UI experience. 


FrontEnd and BackEnd

Our front-end is particularly human. Anchored in design and mindful of the users journey, Logient builds reusable code that matches the interactivity expected on recent mobile and web frameworks. Our back-end is the foundation on which we have built our reputation for 20 yearsWe provide strong business logic that powers applications, software, and APIs.   


Privacy and Security

This aspect is considered essential for the architecture of our solutions and this is why we hire the best privacy and security strategists. We have strict team policies and full access to information, in accordance with provincial legislation. 

ERP and Integration

We build bridges of all kinds between existing software and third-party applications (ERP and integration) in order to reduce the time spent on tedious tasks and free up the flow of data.



IoT and Embedded Systems

Our team of engineers can help you move forward to the next generation of connected objects like clothing, sensors or even medical devices. 



Life cycle and Maintenance

Logient supports you through all stages of the cycle while ensuring the maintenance of the solution. 




IT Outsourcing and Recruitment

Our experienced recruiting service combs the tech industry to find the best talent so you can move forward quickly with your projects. 


Possible Technological Health Applications

Application Fields 

  • Private practice groups 
  • First aid clinics 
  • Hospitals 
  • Academic institutions 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Clinical testing 
  • Preventive medicine 
  • Telemedecine 
  • Home care 
  • Telemonitoring 
  • Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Professional orders 
  • Life insurance 
  • Public health 
  • Patient education 
  • Continuing education 
  • Charities 

Physical and Conceptual Applications 

  • 3D printing 
  • Smart clothes 
  • Orthotics 
  • Robotics 
  • Electronic health records (EHR) 
  • Medical devices 
  • Biotechnical 
  • Genetics 
  • Interoperability 
  • Diagnostic imaging 
  • Communication tools 
  • Wellness programs 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Appointment management 
  • Supplier search engine 

Partnering With Our Clients in Health Innovation 

Our health technology experts put their creativity
at the service of your innovation.