Logient And Its Employees Become Business Partners!

Corporate culture

We’ve always taken great pride in Logient’s creativity and the spirit of collaboration that reigns within our teams. This year, we have decided to challenge all of our creative employees who want to push themselves and have a taste of entrepreneurship. How? By creating Unicode, an innovative and unifying project for the development of a Logient solution.

Why Did We Choose the Word Unicode to Describe Our Project?

  • Unicode: a computer standard that allows the exchange of texts in different languages, on a global scale.
  • Uni: to refer to unity, to the entire committed team and also to the universe… because we like to think big!
  • Code: do we really need to explain this one? This is what we do every day!

Unicode is a unique, inspiring and unifying project, in a constantly changing technological world.

What Is the Unicode Development Project?

Unicode is the first edition of an annual internal competition where all employees are invited to submit their ideas for the development of a Logient technological solution. It can be a new idea or an improvement to an existing solution on the market. Among the genius ideas of our teams, only one idea will be chosen by the jury after two qualifying rounds. This idea will turn into a Logient solution, which will be designed, developed and marketed by our employees, the financial gain of which will be shared between the employees and the company.

Unicode’s mission is to provide the tools and resources to our employees to realize their potential by means of a project for which they are the instigators, creators, entrepreneurs and business partners!

For Logient, it is important to invest in the ideas and aspirations of our employees and to become their business partner, but also to thank them for their constant involvement in our growth!

As such, our contribution to the Unicode project includes:

  • Project management in structured agility mode
  • Investment in resources and definition of the multifunctional team
  • Financial risk taking of product development
  • Internal and external coaching
  • Support (advice)
  • Sales and partnership development

The Unicode Project Step by Step

First Unicode Qualifying Round

Logient’s teams virtually came together on Friday April 30 2021 for the first qualifying round of the brand new Unicode project, all in an energized atmosphere where laughter, music and fireworks were key!

This year, 12 teams presented their original ideas to the jury made up of Logient’s CEO, our VP of Engineering and employees. Among these projects, a development acceleration platform, a time and attendance manager, a project health visualization tool, a ballparking system, a geolocation solution and several diversified applications were presented.

The public made up of all Logient employees was invited to vote for their favourite projects and the five finalists for the round were revealed on May 13th.


Firerwork pour la célébration logient

Qualifying Round: 5 Teams Move on to Finals

The jury has voted! Of the 12 project ideas that were presented, 5 of them captured the attention of the jury and therefore qualified for the final round. The deliberation was based on the following criteria: the presentation of the team, the name and description of the solution, the needs it meets and its level of complexity.

Among the favourites are mainly mobile applications aimed at facilitating business management, social life, sport and well-being as well as moving through cities, in addition to contributing to the health and social service industry.

The 5 finalists benefit from 5 hours of support and coaching among our internal specialists in development, engineering, sales, marketing, etc., as well as twenty hours of internal time to flesh out their research, their project plans and their development structure.

An appointment was set for December 2 for another animated and energetic virtual event during which these 5 teams presented their ideas in more depth. The jury composed of employees and members of management will assess not only the overall presentation of the teams, but also the following aspects in order to name a winner:

  • Potential market.
  • Development required.
  • Marketability


Participants finale Unicode

Unicode Contest Final Round

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! The final round of Unicode, the unique competition at Logient, took place on December 2, 2021. Over the past few months, the finalist teams (Charlie, Omsnisicent renamed Panora-D, Can I park, Challenge me) have worked hard to refine their project and build a presentation that will convince the jury that their idea is thoughtful and deserves to see the light of day. The analysis and strategic development that the teams did was not an easy task, even as a team had to give up.

In terms of atmosphere, the bar was set high, following a frenzied qualifying round, but the entertainment was once again up to the task and the public was not disappointed. The four teams had 20 minutes to cover 4 evaluation criteria.

1. Market
Description of the target market, the current competition and the niche of their product.

2. Development
Summary of product functionality, development complexity, R&D and estimated development costs.

3. Commercialization
The marketing and distribution strategy and the name of the product.

4. General presentation
Clarity and conciseness, professionalism, creativity and originality.

The decision was in the hands of the jury, once again composed of Logient’s CEO, VP of Engineering and employees, who had a few days to finalize their vote. The winner will then be announced at a special holiday gathering.


Unicode Contest Winner Unveiled

The jury has voted and the grand winner of the first edition of Unicode has been revealed!
The “Panora-D” project led by Carlisle, Valerie and Olivia, all employees at Logient in the PMO and Customer Experience team, captured the jury’s interest. This project stood out because of its ease of commercialization, its added value to Logient, and its overall presentation, which was very complete and thought-out.

Panora-D is a tool that allows the global visualization of the performance of business projects with minimal effort. This overview takes the form of a dashboard and offers better organizational efficiency as well as informed decision making, based in part on data.

In the coming months, the Panora-D solution will be designed, developed and marketed by our employees, and ultimately, the financial gain will be shared between the employees and the company.

Congratulations and thank you to all the teams who participated in this contest and who presented inspiring project ideas.

Stay tuned for more information on the first steps towards the realization of Panora-D.