Understand your customers to increase ROI


Your customers, employees and partners interact with a variety of digital solutions and interfaces every day, from websites, portals and online stores to CRM, ERP, POS and WMS. Your organization depends on these digital solutions to conduct business—so what happens if one of them fails?

This is not a trivial question. If a digital solution isn’t designed with the customer experience in mind, it can limit adoption, create dissatisfaction and affect organizational performance, which in turn can impact the ability to achieve your business goals.

Before developing or upgrading a digital solution, it’s essential to ask: Will our customers, employees or partners actually use this solution? How do we ensure it meets their specific needs to increase adoption? And what are the key performance indicators that we need to assess to ensure success?

At Logient, these questions are at the centre of a rigorous process that informs the strategy behind all of our projects, and our digital strategy team asks these questions before writing a single line of code. We consider it a crucial step in the process, both to mitigate risk and to translate business objectives and stakeholder needs into optimized features, functionality and interfaces.

Our team is involved throughout the duration of your project, ensuring the interface meets the needs of your target audience and, in the case of a website or online store, generates qualified traffic. Each interaction with stakeholders allows for improvements to be made until the desired results are achieved.

Our digital strategy team consists of user experience (UX) strategists, UX/UI designers and art directors who can help identify the needs of your users, align them with the needs of your organization and reflect those needs within engaging interfaces to ensure the relevance and sustainability of your platform. Our SEO, SEM and analytics experts also help to ensure visibility with your target audience, make continuous improvements and measure their impact.

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