The right talent at the right time


The right talent at the right time

What’s the greatest opportunity and the greatest threat to your digital transformation? A global talent shortage.

Aside from labour shortages across industries, there are simply not enough experts graduating from IT programs to meet the growing need for skilled expertise. Yet, it’s access to this expertise that secures a company’s competitive advantage in their industry. For many, it’s become a top priority to find the right person at the right time to create maximum value.

Our professional services team exists for this very reason. Thanks to our senior talent acquisition advisors—who have in-depth IT knowledge and access to a global network of talent—we’re able to find the right expertise at the right time for your digital transformation projects.

We also have a flexible approach to delivery, whether you want to hire expertise temporarily, increase your technical capacity sporadically or convert certain experts into permanent members—or even benefit from the expertise of an entire team for the duration of a project. We’re convinced that it’s this flexibility and creativity that sets us apart and positions us as a partner of choice.

The other advantage? Our professional services team fits into the entire Logient service offering. If you’re already working with us, our talent acquisition experts can better understand your business context and objectives, anticipate your future needs and make recommendations on expertise you haven’t yet considered.

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