The human behind the technology: Vincent Dumouchel


The success of technological projects relies in part on the knowledge of technical experts, but also on the sound advice of those who know the industry inside out. This is particularly true in the healthcare sector, which presents a complex ecosystem with its own challenges and needs.

At Logient, clients evolving in the health network can count on the advice of Vincent Dumouchel – Director, Healthcare Solutions and… family doctor! 

We met with Vincent to learn more about his unique journey and his vision of technology for the future of healthcare. 

Trained in medicine at the University of Montreal, Vincent Dumouchel began his medical career in the countryside. As a family doctor, he works hard to advise patients and colleagues to the best of his knowledge. He also experiences a day-to-day in which doctors act as conductors, evolving within a saturated system, with very few resources and technological tools – most of them being more or less adapted to the reality of the medical team.

While developing his practice, Dr. Dumouchel joins a technology committee responsible for summarizing existing solutions related to the possible implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR) in his family medicine unit.

This experience is a turning point in Dr. Dumouchel’s career. Through his work with the technology committee, he unravels a key ingredient that fuels his vision for a promising future for all stakeholders, including the medical team, their patients and the entire health network: technology. “At that moment, I understood the best way to make a difference in the health sector was through technology.”

Later on, he jumps into the technological sector and joins TELUS Health, while pursuing his practice as a family physician. His mission at TELUS Health is to conceptualize the next generation of software to be used by frontline responders. “It was essential for me to stay active as a doctor while working in the tech sector.” For several years, he combined those two occupations, a journey which allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare reality on the one hand, while developing his technical knowledge on the other. 

To perfect his training, Dr. Dumouchel devoted time and efforts in learning programming and design, and in exploring innovative technologies. This path led him to envision a world in which technology meets the challenges of the medical teams, and contributes to improving the quality of health care provided to the patients he sees everyday in his medical practice.  

“The technological solutions implemented in the health network have tangible repercussions on a large number of individuals – from the medical team to patients themselves. To provide relevant advice, one must be able to fully understand the reality of users and the implications of a given interface.”

Leveraging his expertise as a practicing physician and driven by his passion for implementing innovative IT solutions, Dr. Dumouchel joins the Logient team in 2019 to lead a brand new business unit dedicated to the healthcare sector. For him, this is the ideal environment to pursue his technological learning, alongside the best talents in the field – and in perfect complementarity with his knowledge of the industry. “The goal was to join forces. At Logient, I work in collaboration with a technology team so we can leverage my knowledge of the industry for the benefit of each and every one of our clients. This helps us in improving and enriching the experience of those who use our technological solutions on a daily basis.”

“When they reflect on the future of healthcare, our experts look at things from a novative perspective. That’s what makes our team unique.”

At Logient, Dr. Dumouchel provides sound advice to all healthcare clients, with the goal of responding in a concrete and effective way to their technological challenges. “To design great solutions for this sector, we have to understand the issues and needs of potential users, to step into their shoes and think as they do.” With his comprehensive understanding of the healthcare network – including its complex ecosystem and the players involved – Dr. Dumouchel is the best-placed expert to propose solutions that will make a real difference in users’ day-to-day lives. Solutions that will ultimately impact the patient’s life, for the better. 

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