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Website & Portals

Your website and digital portals make it possible to represent your business well and convey a minimum or a large amount of information. Whether you are looking to reach your employees through an intranet portal (B2E), your suppliers through an extranet portal (B2B) or even your prospective clients and partners through a website or a commercial showcase (B2C), Logient has the know-how to support you! This representation is crucial since it proves to be the bearer of a transparent and trusting relationship that you are trying to establish with your users.

Your Web Portal, Your Shared Data’s Safe

You would like to connect your company’s information and internal data, then aggregate them in order to make them automatically readily available to targeted users? Choose a powerful, distinctive portal designed to meet your business needs. Let Logient optimize your existing environment and the platforms in place or even design an entirely new portal.

What are the Benefits of a Web Portal for Your Business?

A digital portal unclogs resource-intensive manual procedures, providing two-way access to different groups of users (clients, employees, suppliers, partners, etc.) in a timely manner.

As such, optimizing your internal processes with a Web portal will not only increase user satisfaction, but will prevent the multiplication of touch points by providing direct access to critical data.

An Asset for all Types of Portals

Our proven team specializing in systems integration grants us additional experience in creating, customizing and adapting Internet portals, processes that frequently require integrations at various levels, especially for two-way platforms. A key asset for your Web portal projects!

Your Website is an Essential Showcase to Stand out

Do you want to remain competitive, be different from businesses in your niche and offer your clients a superior visual and functional customer experience? Let Logient and our experts guide you through this strategy specific to you as well as its implementation.

Why Choose Logient for the Development and Optimization of Your Website?

We have multidisciplinary experts to meet all your tailor-made needs in a single place, which allows you to simplify your digital projects on a daily basis.
Our resources master a multitude of technologies, development frameworks and environments, content managers (CMS) and programming languages, which provides us a virtuosity to maximize your legacy sites or create new interfaces.
In addition to their back-end and front-end performance, your websites need to be well referenced (SEO) and pixel perfect thanks to an impeccable interface (UI). If this is your imperative, our Poudre noire division takes care of your Web branding according to the most modern industry standards.

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