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Modernize your business management in the cloud

Improve your business resilience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

With the D365 suite of products, running your business in the cloud is easier than ever. These powerful tools allow you to improve business performance and make it more resilient in the face of competition and unforeseen events. If you already use Office 365 and Microsoft 365, it’s time to integrate Dynamics 365 into your IT environment. Our experienced team can help you implement Dynamics 365 to improve business processes, make informed decisions and boost organizational growth.

Our approach and methodology

We work with your team as a trusted partner to assess your unique business needs.

From there, we offer a complete service portfolio that includes preliminary analysis, project planning, cost and time estimates, design, customization and solution delivery, as well as long-term technical support and maintenance.

The stages of a development cycle may include:

  • Discovery phase and detailed analysis
  • Preliminary estimate of costs and schedule
  • Design, development and implementation
  • Data import
  • Quality assurance
  • Training
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Support and maintenance

During development, we use the Agile methodology, which consists of breaking projects into several dynamic phases commonly called sprints. This iterative methodology allows teams to test and adjust certain elements from one sprint to the next or adjust deliverables along the way as needed.

By combining Microsoft’s complementary solutions, your organization gets a complete and powerful cloud computing solution.

Benefits of D365

Transform your business and improve the performance of your teams by harnessing the power of Microsoft D365—a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering accessible via your web browser. The Microsoft D365 product line offers a wide range of benefits to your business, including:

Fast and easy updates

By migrating to the cloud, you benefit from automatic updates provided by Microsoft, which significantly reduces time spent on manual upgrades. These updates are scheduled overnight to minimize their impact on business performance.


The D365 product line can be easily customized, and our team can help you adapt the functionality of the tools while offering you complete visibility of the costs involved.


With D365, you can access management tools via the cloud anytime, anywhere, so you always have access to your data in real time.


Cloud computing tools can increase the productivity and performance of your teams, while reducing costs. They can also automate repetitive tasks by facilitating data sharing and collaboration.

Data security

In the cloud, data is automatically backed up. In addition, data is protected by strong security measures built into the Microsoft platform, which considerably reduces the risk of data theft and ensures the confidentiality of your information.

Discover the D365 product line

D365 Business Central

This solution connects your sales, service, finance and operations teams, ensuring business continuity and allowing teams to adapt quickly to achieve their objectives.

D365 Sales

This solution allows you to better understand customers’ needs, generate relevant and authentic engagements, and optimize your sales processes.

D365 Customer Service

This customer relationship management solution is designed to improve the customer experience. Agents can provide quick, accurate responses to customers, helping to standardize customer support and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

D365 Field Service

This solution connects and empowers field teams through tight integration with D365 Customer Service and case/work order management features, allowing them to offer a higher level of service.

D365 Marketing

This solution helps build lasting customer relationships through coordinated marketing campaigns that deliver personalized messages. Interactions with each customer are recorded and tracked to measure campaign effectiveness.

D365 Customer Voice

This solution allows you to collect and manage feedback from customers across all channels through personalized surveys, so you can continuously monitor how customers perceive your products and services.

D365 Customer Insights

This solution centralizes and analyzes customer data to facilitate fast and informed decision making. It also eliminates data silos, making it possible to unify and visualize data from other Dynamics 365 products.

D365 Project Operations

This solution connects sales, finance and project management teams in one product, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of projects and optimize their profitability.

D365 Human Resources

This solution allows you to improve the management of employee compensation, benefits, vacation time and absences, as well as compliance with regulations and policies, performance feedback, training and voluntary programs.

D365 Finance

With this solution, large and midsize organizations can monitor global financial operations performance in real time and anticipate future earnings trends. It offers deep data integrations with Dynamics 365, Office 365 and other applications, giving you access to a centralized source of data that facilitates decision making.

D365 Supply Chain Management

This solution provides manufacturers, distributors and retailers with real-time visibility into the information needed for proactive operations. By unifying data and using predictive insights from artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, it optimizes operational efficiency, product quality and profitability.

D365 Intelligent Order Management

This intelligent multi-tenant standalone service enables rapid scaling and efficient high-speed order fulfillment while minimizing costs.

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