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The use of Cloud solutions is now part of the new normal of doing business. The Microsoft D365 product family offers you all the necessary tools to manage your business in the cloud to make it more efficient and resilient to competition and weather conditions of all kinds. If you already use Office 365, now is the time to integrate Dynamics 365 within your business applications.

The Logient team is available to help you improve your processes, make informed decisions and jumpstart your growth.

The Stages of Your ERP Cloud Project

Logient works with your team to assess your business needs. Our service offering includes upfront thinking, project plan, cost and time to implementation, customization efforts, solution delivery steps and ongoing support and maintenance.

Benefits of D365 Products

D365 products are designed to harness the power of a set of cloud business solutions to transform your business and increase the performance of your teams.

They are true SaaS solutions accessible via a browser giving access to a complete cloud solution and allowing companies to continue their technological evolution.

Five Benefits of a Cloud ERP Solution

Quick & Easy to Update

By migrating to the cloud, you are using a solution that will be updated automatically for your employees. Monthly usage costs are affordable and flexible. It significantly reduces the work required for upgrades which are performed overnight to minimize the impact on business performance.


Easily customizable to your needs, Logient can help you adapt the functionalities and this, while offering you full visibility on the costs involved. Depending on the scenario that corresponds to your needs for extension or adjustment, a solution will be quickly found and implemented thanks to the reactivity of cloud tools.


Cloud-based management and operations tools give you access to your data at any time and from any location.

Collaborative Tool

Cloud tools, with their intuitive and responsive mode, facilitate individual and team performance, increase productivity, and reduce costs while automating repetitive tasks, powering data sharing and facilitating collaboration.

Durability & Security of Your Data

Keep your data safe. In the cloud, data storage is automated with particularly high security measures. Your data is thus protected by Microsoft platform security mechanisms, which considerably limits the risk of data theft.

The Different D365 Products

D365 Business Central

D365 Business Central ensures business continuity with a cloud-based solution that connects sales, service, finance and operations teams to help them adapt faster and achieve business results and goals.

D365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is focused on the customer relationship. It helps organizations understand customer needs, generate more relevant, authentic engagements and sell more efficiently. Dynamics 365 Sales enables every organization to increase their business through a more accurate understanding of the needs of their customers, such as products, services, procurement processes, and more.

D365 Customer Service

D365 Customer Service helps manage customer relationships, empower customer service agents and enhance personalized self-service experience. With D365 Customer Service, agents have consistent and up-to-date answers at their fingertips such as standardize support to help customers understand what they need to ensure product satisfaction, service, and loyalty.

D365 Field Service

D365 Field Service connects and empowers field service teams. It relies heavily on the integration between the customer service application (D365 Customer Service), case management capabilities, and work orders to provide best-in-class business process driven management.

D365 Marketing

D365 Marketing helps build deeper relationships through coordinated marketing campaigns that deliver personalized messages and performances. D365 Marketing tracks all interactions with contacts and keeps a detailed record of the results of marketing initiatives, including the many ways each contact interacts and responds in order to accurately measure performance and create more effective campaigns. Messages can be sent via D365 Marketing to channels available withing th platform, such as emails and push notifications, other Microsoft channels (ACS) or third party systems integrated with D365 Marketing (other SMS providers).

D365 Customer Voice

D365 Customer Voice is a feedback management solution that enables every organization to collect feedback across all channels through customized surveys to continuously monitor customer perception of your services and products.

D365 Customer Insights

D365 Customer Insights helps unify and understand customer data to facilitate informed and timely decision making. It eliminates silos allowing data to be migrated from any source and be viewed from other Dynamics 365 products.

D365 Project Operations

Project Operations links sales, resourcing, project management and finance teams within a single product to help you accelerate project delivery and maximize profitability.

D365 Human Resources

D365 Human Resources enables organizations to optimize compensation, benefits, leave and absence tracking, regulatory and policy compliance, performance feedback, standardized training and self-service programs. D365 Human Resources enables HR teams to operate with dexterity using Dataverse and Power Platform to centralize people data and easily scale the solution.

D365 Finance

D365 Finance enables large and mid-sized organizations to monitor the performance of worldwide financial operations in real time and forecast future earnings trends. D365 Finance provides deep data integrations into Dynamics 365, Office 365 and other applications to provide a centralized source of information that saves time, facilitates collaboration within organizations, and enables faster, more data-driven decisions to drive growth.

D365 Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management provides manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with real-time visibility to information they need for proactive operations. It unifies data and uses predictive AI and IoT information – across order fulfillment, planning, procurement, production, inventory, warehousing, and transportation processes – to maximize operational efficiency, enhance product quality and profitability.

D365 Intelligent Order Management

D365 Intelligent Order Management is a standalone multi-tenant intelligent service, which allows you to quickly adapt and efficiently fulfill orders at very high speeds at the lowest cost.

D365 Commerce

D365 Commerce helps retailers manage operations, connect employees to data, and deliver exceptional shopping experiences. Dynamics 365 Commerce helps unify customer shopping by bringing together store, back-office, and call center functionalities on a single end-to-end platform. D365 Commerce also facilitates integration with emerging channels (such as new social media platforms) via an API-free commerce engine. Intelligent forecasting and product recommendations allow retailers to:

  • Improve profitability in stores and e-commerce

  • Gain intelligence business insights to optimize strategy and costs

  • AAccelerate shopping behavior through unified and consistent customer experiences across all shopping channels

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