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Design Thinking

Creative design, or design thinking, turns out to be a working methodology consisting in deconstructing the development cycle of a project in order to eliminate the prejudices and behaviours that slow down innovation, as well as identify very quickly and effectively the needs, objectives and potential solutions of a given issue. The project can thus begin with a good base! 

Four Methodological Levels

Using different frameworks, Logient assists you in your strategic thinking in order to create conditions favourable to innovation. Thanks to these canvases, the methodology is applied very easily to the four levels of the pyramid, levels where innovation can take place: 

  • Products 
  • Process 
  • Business model 
  • Vision 

These levels can be interpreted as a pyramid where the layers depend on each other. In other words, it is difficult to successfully innovate with a product without knowing the processes and, as such, innovate in the processes without knowing the business model. 

Why Choose Logient for Your
Design Thinking Process?

Our specialized division, Poudre Noire, takes care of creative design projects. Not only is its practice leader a trainer approved by the Government of Quebec in this IT field, but our client portfolio includes large companies in various industries. These include cities, the cultural sector, banks and financial companies, creators of technological products, and the retail sector, to name a few. 

The tailor-made experience that we offer our clients allows us to support you during all phases of your project. Thus, if you wish, we support our strategic design thinking advice with the implementation of these phases, all in the greatest simplicity for your teams, since they do not have to change interlocutor or deal with additional delays. 

Logient Design
Thinking Steps

  • Analysis of the current situation/Diagnosis of the existing 
  • Mapping of the competitive environment 
  • Ideation workshops and sessions, framing of issues as well as issuing of new hypotheses 
  • Planning, specifications, roadmap and process 
  • Project 

Why a Creative Design Approach (Design Thinking)?

Are you still hesitating to enter into a design thinking process for your technological and digital innovation? 

Unfortunately, several projects are carried out each year for which the expected results are not achieved, whether it is because once completed, the product or service no longer meets the initial needs, or because it is not used in the daily life of your employees or clients. 

Design thinking overcomes this problem and ensures you a satisfactory return on investment (ROI) by determining user needs, all aligned with your business needs, even before starting development! Together, we minimize risks, eliminate blind spots, consult with all essential players, document and resolve operational issues. 

Lets start thinking about and planning your digital roadmap (roadmap, project portfolio, strategic ideation). You will thus maintain your strategic advantage thanks to our creative design approach (design thinking) and our advice on digital transformation! 

Let's start thinking and planning your digital roadmap now!