Content Management (CMS)

Performance and structure at the service of your diversified content sources

Content Management (CMS)

More and more effort is required to attract new clients and retain them, and content should not be neglected in this strategy. To do this, many companies use a content management system (CMS), a high-performance interdisciplinary tool (management of websites, intranets, communities, e-commerce sites, online transactions, etc.).

Business Performance With Ease

In the 21st century, content needs to be more flexible and easily delivered through a website, mobile apps, or any other channel, such as email. However, the use of technologies and models proprietary to certain content management systems (CMS) generates learning curves and a significant barrier to entry, such as customization difficulties by non-technical employees or even long development certifications by your IT employees.

Entrust to Logient your challenges, difficulties and concerns related to your current or future CMS and see the progress of your business performance with ease!

What Type of CMS Should you Choose

In recent years, content managers (CMS) have proven to be rather monolithic solutions where both the structure and the content itself reside in the platform, tightly coupled with the presentation and visual appearance of that data.

For some companies, this type of tool (traditional CMS) meets business needs perfectly, while for others, decoupled headless CMS are a much more appropriate avenue!
With decoupled headless CMS, content is managed independently of presentation; content publishers can focus on the information presented, not how it is delivered. The presentation layer, on the other hand, can be achieved in any technology preferred by your team, providing more flexibility and efficiency.

Whatever type of content management system is right for your business, Logient supports you in the initial strategic thought process to determine it and in the development, implementation, integration and customization of your CMS platform!

Why Entrust Your Content Management Strategy to Logient

We adapt CMS to our clients and not the other way around! Logient’s agnostic approach is to be independent of CMStools and technologies in order to meet the specific needs of our clients, on a case-by-case basis. Since our experts are not married to a specific product or CMS platform, we can better adapt our proposed solutions.

As a development and services company, we master a wide range of languages, tools and technologies. This expertise is an asset to simplify the integration of your CMS of choice into your existing ecosystems. All resources are found under one roof for a tailor-made service by limiting the suppliers and points of contact for your teams!

Did You Know? Logient Is a Kentico Gold Certified Partner.

Largest Kentico supplier in Quebec and the only Kentico CMS partner in Quebec, Logient has a team of platform-certified developers and specialists.

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