Cloud Migration

When operational efficiency and simplification come together, you can focus on what really matters: your clients! 

At the heart of the digital transformation and evolution strategy of todays businesses, cloud migration involves moving an application hosted on physical servers to a location in the cloud environment after having optimized it for this purpose, reducing your investment in resources and at the same time modernizing your processes. 

Who Are Logient’s Cloud Migration Services For?

Your company and your employees have little or no experience with cloud technologies and infrastructures? Would you like to be counselled, trained, guided and supported by professionals during your IT evolution 

Do you want to opt for cloud solution services because your applications are resource intensive or would you like to reduce the number of system administrators in your team and thus benefit from cloud services managed by experts? 

Whatever the reason, Logient and its experienced resources will guide you through each step of your transformation journey! 


What Are the Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud?

  • Management entrusted to a specialized supplier and access to serverless services (PaaSFaaSSaaS, etc.) 
  • Automated replication to different geographic sites to ensure data redundancy 
  • Increased security and resilience 
  • Reduction of physical and material risks 
  • Ability to focus on the application, its configuration and behaviour while relying on the CloudProvider experience for the rest 
  • A system administrator has become obsolete for the computer park management, the material resources (ex.: hard disk, RAM, etc.), the servers, the needs of the TelCo (internet access of the infrastructure) and the alternative energy source, as it is the case for high availability environments 

Code Audit and Report

Implementation and
Quality Assurance

Are you ready to say goodbye to the multiple tools that occupy your resources?